Easter eggs for this episode of Lost.

#11 Sun’s EMT

The EMT who wheels Sun into the hospital is played by Todd Coolidge, who also played a paramedic in “The Variable” who wheeled Desmond into the hospital after he was shot by Ben in the original timeline.

#10 The 15th Floor

Both Claire’s adoption agency and Ilana’s law offices are located on the 15th floor, one of the Numbers.

#9 Sweetzer and Verdansky

Ilana’s legal partner is named Sweetzer. In “Happily Ever After,” Penny made a date with Desmond at a coffee shop on the corner of Melrose and Sweetzer.

#8 Sweetzer

Sweetzer is also the name of a movie starring Jorge Garcia.

#7 Dural Sac

When Jack see’s Locke’s x-ray, he notes that the dural sac is obliterated. In the Pilot, Jack told Kate a story of how he once accidentally ripped a patient’s dural sac to explain to her how to control her fear, a story that was explained in the season 5 finale.

#6 Jack in the Mirror

The altverse often features characters ” staring at their reflections in the mirror, and here Jack looks at a mirror on the floor in the operating room.

#5 Locke in the Mirror

When Jack looks at the mirror, he sees the reflection of John Locke, his patient.

#4 “Left Behind”

Flocke leaves his group saying that he was going to check if anyone was “left behind.” This was the Kate-centric 15th episode of season 3.

#3 “One of Us”

To get Claire to come with the survivors on the boat, Kate explains that the man posing as Locke “is not one of us.” “One of Us” was the title of the Juliet-centric 16th episode of season 3.

#2 Christian Shephard

Much like Michael did with the Whispers, Flocke confirms a long-time theory of fans by telling Jack that his visions of his dead father on the Island were actually him, the Smoke Monster.

#1 The Elizabeth

The boat Flocke sends Sawyer and Kate to pick up is the Elizabeth, Libby’s boat that she gave Desmond which hasn’t been seen since the start of season 3.

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