Looking for Easter Eggs on Lost is not an easy task. It’s come to the point where I analyze every little detail to death, grasping to find some reason for a certain choice. In “Something Nice Back Home,” the difficulty came in the sheer volume of people introduced in the flash forward. There’s Dr. Eric Stevens, one of Jack’s co-workers, and two of his patients, Mrs. Berenberg and Ryan Laker.

Who are these people? I have no idea, but this is nothing new. We still don’t know who Mrs. Gardner and her drug dealing grandson are. Is this just Lost’s way of tossing in countless red herrings? Or is it something more?

In the first few seasons, we would frequently see characters reappear in other flashbacks, creating mysterious connections between everyone on the island. Now we’re getting new names and faces, and whether it has any relevance is unknown. Perhaps I am just tilting at windmills here, but I don’t believe these are dead ends. The focus on the photo of Mrs. Gardner’s grandson was so obvious that it must have been a clue, and last night, there was no reason for Jack to read us the diagnosis of “Ryan Laker” unless it will play a somewhat important role at some point.

My current theory is that, since we are now into flash forwards, the rules of coincidental connections have been reversed. Rather than seeing a close associate of one character who pops up in another flashback later, maybe we’re now seeing the character pop up in a future flashback BEFORE we see his or her connection to another castaway.

Perhaps I have too much faith in the show, but I would love for this to be the case. Maybe Ryan Laker is one of Libby’s patients who she had an affair with. Maybe Mrs. Berenberg is Daniel Faraday’s aunt. It sounds crazy, but I firmly believe the Lost writers are laying the groundwork for future reveals. Either that, or much like Hurley’s picture of an igloo in “The Beginning is the End,” it all means nothing and is just some cruel joke by the show to trick us into thinking something is important when it actually has no meaning.

What does have meaning, however, are these Easter Eggs, including some more Alice in Wonderland homages (this being a Jack-centric episode, we would expect no less).


-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Lostpedia
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