Just when you thought Lost was reentering its news blackout comes word of two new characters and one potential addition to the regular cast that may come as a huge surprise to Lost fans.  With a boatload – literally – of new characters arriving on the shores of Lost’s mysterious island when the series returns in February, it’s a safe bet at least some of this new characters represent the mysterious force that looms off shore.  For more information, and possible spoilers, read on.

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paradisebeach said: OMG! He has to join! He was great in Prison Break and I can really see him on Lost.

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Lost producers are on the lookout for actors to portray two new characters named Russell and Charlotte.  Russell sounds like a scientist type with some very poor people skills.  Definitely sounds like an ideal candidate for one of the ‘Not Penny’s Boat’ people.  Charlotte is also described as intelligent, but also tough and possessing a bit of Russell’s aloofness.  So in general, a couple of smart folks who do not play well with others.

The general anti-social element present in both character descriptions would seem to indicate that these people are very likely part of the group that Ben Linus feared so much.  Since his ‘others’ are now traveling without their leader to the mysterious ‘temple,’ it is not even a guarantee that we will be seeing them anytime soon.

Perhaps the most stunning piece of news making its way around the net is that Lost producers are wooing Peter Stormare (Prison Break) to join the series for at least one season.  Stormare has not said anything with regards to what the role entails, but he has stated a little bit of reluctance to accept the part citing the difficulty he had breaking ties with Prison Break.

Stormare has until September to accept or reject the role.  The actor would make a fantastic addition to Lost’s cast, particularly as a menace, and perhaps the limited sixteen-episode schedule will appeal to Stormare’s commitment issues.

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