I wish Julie Chen were a better interviewer.  The live on-air interviews she conducts with the houseguests every Thursday on Big Brother always come across as worthless and awkward, and we receive very little insight into anything.  The moments with the HoH, especially, is a time where you’d think Chen could wrangle some candid remarks.  But, no.  It just feels like we’re spinning our wheels.  Nonetheless, there was some good stuff on the episode tonight, including an eviction that will definitely change the chemistry of the house. 

Nick Takes Frustration Out on Hair 

We start the episode with Nick’s surprised reaction to Dustin putting him up on the block as Jen’s replacement.  He’s not too upset about being on the block, more angry that no one he was close to told him that that was the decision.  It becomes clear that it was a group decision, which makes Nick question why Neither Amber or Daniele gave him a heads up.  He guilts Daniele a little bit, almost sending her to tears.  He doesn’t have to do the same for Amber: her waterworks began the second Dustin nominated Nick.  I think scientists need to remove and study Amber’s tear ducts.  They may hold the key to cold fusion or something.  Nick decides that in response to his nomination, he’s going to give himself a mohawk.  It’s quite ridiculous.

The Iced Tea Incident

The highlight of the night.  This is what went down, in as brief an explanation as possible.  Dick goes off on Jen for putting Jameka in a bad position during PoV.  He says some very mean things, compares her to Saddam Hussein, and pisses both Jen and Kail off.  Afterwards, Jen makes a bitchy comment to Daniele about how tough it must have been dealing with Dick all her life.  Later, Daniele is fed up and calls out Jen in the kitchen.  She really goes off on Jen, and it’s nice to see Daniele stand up for herself and her dad.  Jen, deciding to go the meanest of all routes, calls Daniele out for cheating on her boyfriend with Nick.  Dick overhears this and pours a glass of iced tea on Jen’s head.  Nick follows it up by berating Jen some more.  It felt good watching Jen catch hell from the houseguests.  She certainly deserves it.

Eric, Reluctant America’s Player

Eric really wants Nick to be evicted, mostly for game play reasons.  Unfortunately, America has other plans, and has chosen for Eric to try and get Kail evicted.  Although reluctant, Eric goes for it and makes a big campaign to get Kail ousted.  It might work a little bit, but it doesn’t gain enough traction.  The house wants Nick out of there.

Goodbye Nick, Goodbye Mohawk

Only Zach and Eric vote to evict Kail, so Nick is going home.  During his speech before the votes were cast, Nick gives a heartfelt oratory on how much he has enjoyed spending time with Daniele.  Aww.  Nick graciously exits, is a good sport, and has an uninspiring talk with Julie.  We’ll have an exclusive interview with Nick on BuddyTV tomorrow morning.

Upside Down in Bird Poo

The HoH competition is an endurance one tonight.  Each houseguest has to sit on a clock pendulum upside down, hanging like a bat.  Meanwhile, fake bird poo is flung at them from above, and the pendulum swings back and forth.  The episode ended with the competition ongoing.  But, thanks to the live feeds, we know who won.  Daniele is the new Head of Household, which means we can expect a third consecutive week of Jen and Kail up on the block. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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