A lot of drama in the Big Brother house these days.  With tonight’s eviction vote coming live, the outcome can never truly be known ahead of time, especially with America’s vote hanging in the balance.  So, will it be Kail or Nick.  It looked as if Nick would be the one going home, what with no one but Daniele trusting the former football player.  How much yelling will we see from Dick tonight?  How much crying from Amber?  How often will Jameka invoke the name of God?  And, most importantly, who will go home?  I’ll be here throughout the episode, giving up-to-th-minute results.

Amber’s crying session after Dustin took the money in PoV competition was her best yet.  Complete insanity. 

Jameka’s “God is in the ping pong balls” belief is about the silliest thing I’ve ever seen. 

Nominating Nick was probably the right decision by Dustin.  Ha.  Amber starts crying hysterically right after Dustin puts Nick up. 

Kail and Dustin have a nice convo in the HoH room explaining the targeting of Nick instead of Zach. 

Nick is very confused by his nomination, and he tries to weasel out the reason from Dick and Eric. 

Hey, Amber is still crying hysterically.  She has ridiculous issues.  “I love you sooo much,” Amber sobs to Nick.  Ha, that sucks for Nick.  Everyone thinks that Nick voted to evict Kail last week.  Nick is trying his best to stay restrained, but he’s obviously pissed that he got nominated.

Dick yells at Jen.  Hooray.  He calls Jen a “scumbag.”  And then he tells her to go _____ herself.  And, finally, compares her to Saddam Hussein.  Good times. 

Time for Nick to shave his head. 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Daniele calls out Jen, yells at her, pretty much owns her, because she’s pissed at all her snide, mean comments.  Jen then brings up Dani cheating on her boyfriend and Dick hears this and pours a glass of Iced Tea on Jen’s head.  Then Nick verbally abuses Jen some more, just for good measure.  Jen seems like just about the most awful person on the planet. 

Eric wants Nick to go home.  He’s also copied Nick’s hairstyle and has grown a mohawk of his own.  America wants Eric to get Kail out of the house.  He’s upset about it, because he wants Nick gone, but he does his best to campaigning for Kail’s eviction.  Dick and Daniele discuss splitting from the group and getting Kail gone.

Julie interviews the houseguests.  Nothing or worth comes of it.

Julie interviews Dustin in the HoH room.  As with most Chen interviews, nothing good comes from it.  Kail pleads her case with the houseguests for why she should stay.  Nick, not surprisingly, talks about how great Daniele is and how he loved his time with her.  Nick seems pretty sure that he’s going home.  Time for the live vote:

Jen: votes to evict Nick.

Zach: votes to evict Kail.

Jameka: votes to evict Nick.

Eric: America votes to evict Kail. 

Jessica: votes to evict Nick.

Amber: votes to evict Nick.  She starts crying. 

Dick: votes to evict Nick.   That seals it.  Nick is gone.

Daniele: votes to evict Nick, and cries about it. 

Goodbye, Nick.  It’s been a good ride. Amber is having convulsions, crying.  I think Nick tries to kiss Daniele on the lips on the way out, but she denies him.  Time for the Nick/Julie interview.  Julie drops the bomb about Eric to Nick.  He’s a bit surprised, but not that much. 

Now it’s time for the Head of Household competition.  The houseguests head backyard.  The comp is called “Time’s Up”.  Each houseguest has to sit on a giant clock pendulum, that swings back and forth.  If you fall off, you’re eliminated.  We go to commercial.

Now, Julie tells the houseguests to hang upside down like a bat.  Next, they are all sprayed by fake bird poo.  We won’t get to see who won the HoH until next episode, unless you have the live feeds.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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