The fall 2011 has just begun, but we already have a frontrunner for the most anticipated new show of next season. According to Deadline, NBC has ordered a pilot for a new show executive produced by Lost‘s J.J. Abrams and created by Supernatural‘s Eric Kripke.

In such early stages of development, all that is known about the show is that it’s called Revolution and is described as “an epic adventure thriller.” Given the people involved, that’s no surprise.

Obviously there’s no guarantee this show will ever see the light of day, but with Abrams and Kripke involved, it’s still exciting to imagine it. Lost and Supernatural are two shows with massive online presence and boast some of the most obsessive and devoted fans. A hybrid of these two can only be great.

Both Kripke and Abrams are incredibly busy with other projects as well. In addition to still serving as a consulting producer on Supernatural, Kripke is developing the comic book character Deadman into a series for the CW. Deadman centers on a trapeze artist who dies and is made a powerful ghost who can possess people in a quest to find his murderer.

Sadly, neither of these new shows are Octocobra, the fictional TV pilot Kripke allegedly wrote and sold as mentioned in the meta Supernatural episode “The French Mistake.”

Abrams, meanwhile, serves as an executive producer on Fringe as well as the new CBS drama Person of Interest and the mid-season FOX drama Alcatraz. He’s also working on the Star Trek sequel.

Abrams’ Bad Robot partner Bryan Burk also serves as an executive producer on Revolution.

Source: Deadline
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