The best quotes from the first episode of season 7 of Supernatural.

#11 “What a brave little ant you are. You know you’re powerless, you wouldn’t dare move against me again, that would be pointless. So I have no need to kill you. Not now. Besides, once you were my favorite pets before you turned and bit me.”

-Castiel to Dean, Sam and Bobby

#10 “It is a new day. On Earth and in Heaven. Rejoice.”

-Castiel after killing all the angels who were against him

#9 “Miracles? Mass visions? Trenchcoat on a tortilla? I don’t know what I’m looking for.”

-Bobby to Dean about tracking Castiel

#8 “I am utterly indifferent to sexual orientation. On the other hand, I can not abide hypocrites like you, reverend.”

-Castiel to a reverend

#7 “We all saw Him. No beard. No robe. He was young. And sexy. He had a raincoat.”

-Woman on the News describing Castiel

#6 “I’m not sure new Cas gets irony any better than old Cas. Of course, old Cas wouldn’t smite Madison Square Garden just to prove a point.”

-Dean to Sam

#5 “We never catch a break, so why would we this time. But just this one thing, you know. But I’m not dumb. I’m not gonna get my hopes up just to get kicked in the daddy pills again.”

-Dean to Bobby about hoping Sam’s OK

#4 “What we gotta do is hunt the son of a bitch. Unfortunately I lost my God guns.”

-Bobby to Sam about killing Castiel

#3 “You know how I’m gonna deal? I’m gonna stuff my piehole. I’m gonna drink. And I’m gonna watch some Asian cartoon porn. And act like the world’s about to explode. Because it is.”

-Dean to Sam

#2 “Long time, no spooning.”

-Lucifer to Sam

#1 “Cas is … he’s gone. He’s dead. We run the show now. This is going to be so much fun.”

-Leviathan to Dean

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