This week on on the season 4 premiere of Fringe, with Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) erased from time and the two universes attempting to maintain an alliance, Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) and Fringe Division must track down a strange new killer.

The Man in the Mirror

Thanks to his activation of the machine and the linking of the two universes, Peter has ceased to exist and the Observers intend to keep it that way. September the Observer (Michael Cerveris) is assigned the task of permanently deleting Peter and goes to an electronics parts store to buy supplies to make a machine that will ensure that Peter is erased from time. Meanwhile, Walter Bishop (John Noble) is having visions of Peter and is frightened by them because he doesn’t know who the man is. With his machine complete, September is about do flip the switch to activate it but hesitates and ends up not doing it, allowing Peter to appear to Walter again.

We Meet Again … For The First Time

In Hartford, Connecticut, Agent Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel) and his partner chase down a suspect. When his partner is killed by a translucent man, Olivia and Fringe Division get involved in the case and Lincoln gets pushed out. Because of the shift in the timeline caused by Peter activating the machine, Lincoln and Olivia have never met. Lincoln inserts himself into the investigation by tracking Olivia back to Walter’s lab, and when a second victim is found Olivia realizes he may be more helpful than she originally thought. Agent Broyles (Lance Reddick) raises Lincoln’s security clearance and informs him that there have been more than 30 victims.

Heavy Metal Rules!

While trying to find a link between all of the victims, Lincoln tells Olivia and Broyles his partner took iron pills. Walter checks the other victims, and though that isn’t what connects them, he figures out the victims have all had heavy metal particles taken from their blood.

A New Threat

After Olivia and Lincoln figure out the killer is taking his victims from along commuter routes, they stake out rail stations in an attempt to catch him. The translucent killer is spotted at another train station by two other agents who are quickly disabled. Lincoln and Olivia arrive and Lincoln stays behind to treat one of the agent’s gunshot wounds while Olivia pursues the suspect into a warehouse. The translucent man tries to burn some documents before getting away but Olivia finds him and, after a brief fight, she shoots him. Outside, the wounded agent tells Lincoln that there is more than one suspect, just in time for Lincoln to defend himself and shoot a second translucent man. As the scene is cleaned up, a translucent woman watches from a building, leading us to believe this isn’t the last we’ve seen of these new villains.

Oh, Shift!

Later, while preforming an autopsy on one of the translucent men, Walter pulls a device from the body that looks similar to the technology that powered the shape-shifters. Olivia takes Lincoln and the device to the center point between the two universes and he begins to realize the scope of Fringe Division. Olivia tells Fauxlivia that they’ve encountered a new type of shape-shifter and Fauxlivia says she’ll look into it.

This season on Fringe, more science wackiness occurs. What did you think of the season 4 premiere? Will Peter return? Tune in this season to find out, and share your thoughts below.

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