LOST comes baring answers tonight, albeit answers relating to a narrow bit of mythology; in particular, what the heck is going on with John Locke.  First, the dude was a whiner all last season, then he briefly returns to his mystical hunter roots, now he is running all over the place blowing everything up.  Just what is up with this guy?  In a word:  Plenty, and LOST “The Brig” brings them at a break neck pace.  If you’re coming into the episode expecting a huge download of info on island mysteries and the newly invigorated “purgatory” theory, forget it; this episode is all about the mysterious Mr. Locke.  So buckle in as we review some of the “Live Thoughts” from tonight’s episode of LOST!

  • Locke’s father seems to know where they are.  Locke is questioning how he came to be on the island, not buying the magic box nonsense, and Cooper says “Don’t you know where you are?”
  • All of the others consider Locke to be sort of a messiah because the island healed him.  Ben says before Locke can go any further with them he must kill his father.  He also tells Locke that Juliet is a mole.
  • Dr. Alpert convinces Locke that he might be able to get Sawyer to kill Cooper for him.  Hmm… Dr. Alpert seems a little manipulative here, could he be Jacob?
  • Locke shows up at camp and gets Sawyer to join him by telling him that he has kidnapped Ben and wants Sawyer to execute him.
  • Naomi is improving quite a bit.  She tells them that she was sent by Penny but has never met her, she has a boat anchored eighty miles away.  We do find out that the flight that was recovered did contain bodies.  Purgatory theorists have another reason to live.
  • Desmond flat out refuses to tell Jack because he doesn’t trust him, neither do the others.  Instead, they get Sayid who is able to fix the phone but can’t get a signal.
  • Locke leads sawyer to the Black Rock and introduces him to Sawyer.  Sawyer chokes Cooper.  Danielle shows up to get some dynamite.  Locke gives Sawyer the tape recorder and tells him that the others are preparing to kidnap the woman from the beach.  He tells Sawyer he is indeed undercover with the others and will work from within, but Sawyer needs to get everybody ready.
  • Back at the beach Sayid makes the big mistake of telling Kate about the phone.  She immediately rushes to Jack and tells him everything.  After Kate leaves Jack and Juliet debate telling the rest something.  Seems they are holding a secret.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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