Odds makers in the online betting world are now favoring teen powerhouse Jordin Sparks as the clear winner for American Idol season six.   Apparently, concerns that Melinda Dolittle may have been among the lowest in votes last week had American Idol bookies scrambling to adjust their odds.  Meanwhile, Lakisha Jones is dropping slowly into the ‘not a chance’ category.  But does it all mean anything?  What is the track record like for American Idol odds makers?

In reality, the odds makers have been way off in the past.  Last year Chris Daughtry was still favored to win the competition when he was booted from the contest in the bottom four, leaving the long shot Elliot Yamin to croon victorious for another week.  Ultimately, it was underdog Taylor Hicks that took home the prize against almost impossible odds.

At one time the AOL poll served as a good barometer, but it has apparently been gamed by the VoteForTheWorst crowd because it now shows Phil as the favorite to win.   None the less, I suppose if you extract Phil and assume he is last, the rundown looks pretty believable:  Jordin, Medlinda, Lakisha, Blake, Chris, and Phil.

Despite Lakisha’s standings here with the AOL people, I’m still holding out hope we will see Blake in the bottom three.  I’m no misogynist, but an all girl final three would almost be criminal.  Interestingly enough, the very same number crunchers that are delivering odds to the betting world this week see it my way.

The rundown in the betting world goes like this:

1. Jordin Sparks ( 10-11 )
2. Melinda  Dolittle ( 6-5 )
3. Blake Lewis ( 5-1 )
4. Lakisha Jones (12-1)
5. Chris Richardson ( 30-1 )
6. Phil Stacey ( 40-1 )

Now, running the variance against last year we’d be looking at Blake Lewis winning the contest, despite the odds we see here.  But the fact that the downside of the this scale looks ‘right’, we might be looking at the betting worlds most accurate predictions to date. 

I’m still smiling and dialing for Blake all the way, Jordin is great but Blake has that extra something that to me says star material.  With the notable exception of Fantasia, predictions that favored the pop/soul artists in the past have fallen flat, giving way to the more ‘colorful’ contestants.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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