The final team eliminated prior to next Sunday’s The Amazing Race All-Stars finale was Danny and Oswald, who last night finished in fourth place at the penultimate pit stop in the island nation of Guam.  Danny and Oswald put up a hell of a fight throughout the season, proving to be one of the most sneakily formidable teams in the show’s history.  Some bad luck on last night’s episode (plus the fact that they were marked for elimination) saw them finish in last.  Danny and Oswald took some time out of their schedule to speak with us earlier today…and, let’s just say that it was one of the more lively interviews we’ve ever been a part of.

Below you will find both a partial written transcript of the interview, plus the full mp3 audio of our discussion.

When you were first contacted by CBS, were you at all hesitant about coming back to do another race?

Danny: I will tell you that my friend pretended to be hesitant, but he was ready to go the second we were contacted, it wasn’t even funny.

Oswald:  I think we wanted to go back and sort of show people that we had a competitive edge.

Danny: He joined a gym right after. (laughs)

Oswald: We really wanted to come out and still do it the same style that we do it.

Danny:  As a matter of fact he joined a pageant because he wanted to be one of the beauty queens.

Oswald:  Shut up…It was really more about going back and having fun and still being competitive and I think we showed that.

Danny:  Less martinis, more cardio.

Eric said some pretty mean things about you guys last night.  Where did t hat come from?  Was it all about the yield, or were there some things that viewers didn’t see?

(both laugh uproariously)

Oswald:  I think Eric was taken aback by Danny’s package.  At one of the beaches we went to in Mozambique and he couldn’t have it.  I think he was bitter.

Danny: Only a gay man could be that catty.  (laughs)

Oswald:  I think his bitterness came from the yield.

Danny:  Oh, tell the truth, only a gay man could be that catty.

Oswald:  No, he was a little disturbed about the yield.

Danny:  I think he should come out.  I think it will be very telling if when this season is over Eric would say, “Hi, my name is Eric, I’m gay.” (both laugh) 

There seemed to be a lot of conflict between the last four teams.  Was that a product of editing, or was there some real tension there?

Oswald: There was definite real tension there.  I think what you don’t see is obviously the behind the scenes when we’re in the pit stops.  We socialize with each other, but you don’t really see what they’re doing individually.  I mean, the Beauty Queens are very nice when you’re hanging out with them, but when they’re in the middle of the competition they sort of bring it up a notch; they’re a bit sneaky.

Danny:  A bit?  Did you say a bit?  What would you consider being a little bit?  They were sneaky!

Oswald: I mean there was a little bit of animosity going on there.  There was a lot of tension because we were the last four.

Danny: If Oswald will let me speak about the final four I will say this: I think that the All-Stars was probably a lot more intense than even our race, or anybody’s first race.  I think everyone was out for blood and I think that, yes, there was a lot of animosity and there was a lot of competitiveness.  I think that’s the best way to put it.

For the full interview, listen to the audio mp3 above.

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