The Hogans have been surrounded by controversy ever since they decided to make their personal lives the centerpiece of the reality series Hogan Knows Best. After months of public scrutiny, whether regarding Nick’s criminal charges, Linda’s cougar adventures, or her divorce with Hulk Hogan, another bombshell has been dropped in the ever-acrimonious split.

Christiane Plante

Most recently, Linda announced that she put a close to her 24-year marriage with the Hogan Knows Best star because he had an affair with their daughter’s former best friend, Christiane Plante.

This isn’t exactly new buzz.  The 33-year-old Christine Plante stepped forward to admit that she had an affair with Hulk Hogan several months back, leaving Brooke Hogan in shambles as she was also dealing with her brother’s eight-month jail sentence at the time.  However, Linda has decided to dig up more dirt on the person who allegedly killed her marriage.

“When Linda discovered Hulk had [an affair] with Brooke’s best friend, Christiane Plante, she made the decision to call it quits on the marriage,” Linda’s new publicist, Gary Smith, said in a statement to E! News.

Plante, who worked with Brooke on her 2006 album, had been reportedly seen on numerous occasions on the arm of the Hogan Knows Best star.  Earlier this year, she said that the Hogans’ marriage was basically over when she stepped in and that she was just helping raise Hulk Hogan’s spirits.

“Hulk Hogan is saying anything he can conjure up to make Linda look bad in the media.  Hulk has even implied that the VH1 hit show, Hogan Knows Best, was the cause of the split in his marriage,” he added.  “Almost every statement that comes out of Hulk’s mouth is a diversionary tactic to deflect attention away from the real reason Linda filed for divorce, two words: HULK’S CHEATING!”

When Linda filed for divorce in Pinellas County, Florida on November 20, 2007, Hulk Hogan claimed that he was not even aware of it.  While infidelity is certainly a good reason to file for divorce, it’s still quite a departure from Linda’s legal documents, which claimed Hulk’s “legal shenanigans” and “suspicious behavior” for triggering her filing for divorce a year ago.

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