So far, I am absolutely enthralled by all the drama on the CW’s Stylista.  From a purely anthropological perspective, it is fascinating to watch these highly motivated, artistic and fashion forward divas all interacting with each other.  I really can’t wait how the showdown between Megan and Ashlie will go.  I can’t wait to see all the various and cruel ways the contestants will torture Kate.  I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m pretty sure it will be glorious!

On tonight’s Stylista, the stylistas must throw a birthday party for Anne Slowey’s niece where, I’m sure, high intensity drama will ensue.

The episode begins with Dyshaun, celebrating his survival at the last elimination. Kate separates herself from the rest of the group because she’s a Leo and can’t deal with teams. The funny British guy William laughs in her face when she says that she might win the competition.

The stylistas assistant task today is to work for Anne Slowey’s niece, Erin. Her 10th birthday party is coming up and the party is to be at FAO Schwarz. The stylistas will have to come up with a theme for the party and find decorations, party favors, cake and entertainers as well. Erin says that she wants her party to be fabulous, so do not disappoint her! Woah, this kid is scary.

Everyone has $50 to go out and get items for a presentation to pitch their ideas to their pint-sized boss, but Busty McBooberson, aka Kate, forgets her money. Wow, she whines like no other. I think I might be tempted to wring her neck if I were on this show. Cologne gives her some cash for a cupcake, but that leaves her tight for cash for the rest of her items.

Erin’s younger sister joins her and Anne to hear everyone’s pitches. Kate’s pitch involves a bagpipe player. How the hell did she get a bagpiper without any cash? Oh my God. Erin asks him to play “S.O.S” by Rihanna on the bagpipes, and it is not pretty. Erin finally picks Johanna’s idea, which is a fashion show theme. Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at the party! This means that Johanna will get to pick the teams for the editorial challenge. Team 1 is Devin, Danielle and William. Team 2 is Cologne, Ashlie and Kate. Team 3 is Megan, Dyshaun and Johanna.

For the editorial challenge, the teams of three will have to put together a trend page featuring a trendy mother-daughter from among the guests at Erin’s birthday party.

At the party, the stylistas mingle awkwardly around, trying to meet fashionable mother-daughter duos. Johanna, Megan and Dyshaun have decided on a mom, but Kate elbows her way into the group because she wants that mom for her own group. Kate makes a scene, petulantly saying, “It’s not fair.” Kate’s own team members aren’t happy with her behavior. Oh my goodness, this is so awkward. One of the Elle staffers approaches the mom and asks her to choose which group she wants to work with. The mom is put on the spot and uncomfortable, so Cologne decides to bow out and let the other team have her. Cologne and Ashlie pick another mom, without Kate’s input, further alienated their top-heavy teammate.

The stylistas supervise the photoshoots for their mother-daughter pairs. Ashlie and Cologne want their photos to look like they are walking down the runway, looking serious like models are. Kate disagrees because she wants the models to smile.

Back at Elle, the teams have 90 minutes to lay out their trend pages. They raid the Elle closet for clothing to accompany their mother-daughter photos. Johanna is very intense, and her teammates feel that she needs to loosen up. Kate whines to her teammates because they aren’t considering her input. Danielle, Devin and William finish up their page at the very last second.

Back at the house, Kate continues to fight with her teammates about their page. Ashlie is pissed off that Kate isn’t going to defend their page during the presentation.

It’s time to convene in the conference for the editorial presentation. Anne is joined by Joe Zee and New York designer Cynthia Rowley.

Team 1 makes the presentation first. Anne likes the colors and approves of the way the shopping credits were done. However, the lower right corner isn’t as interesting as the rest of the page.

Team 3 goes next, and their trend page is entitled “Pretty n’ Punk.” Anne likes the layout and all of the pieces. However, there are no shopping credits on the page, which is the whole point of a trend page. They should have used placeholder text on the page in lieu of the actual credits.

Team 2 makes their presentation. The judges don’t think that the metallic pieces they chose. Anne is also disappointed to hear that Cologne gave away their first choice in mother-daughter models. Joe Zee notices that Kate looks upset, which is her segue to tell everyone that she hated the whole trend and would have put in more color. As the team members try to defend themselves, Megan pipes in and says that she agrees with Kate in this case. But later on in a confessional, Megan admits that she only backed Kate in the hopes that her arch-nemesis Ashlie would get eliminated instead.

The judges retire to Anne’s office to make their decision. Team 1 gets props for their styling, but not for their lack of color. The judges only like the pieces that Kate chose for Team 2’s page, and Cologne loses points for being a pushover at the party. The judges love everything about Team 3’s page, except for their critical mistake of skipping out on the shopping credits.

Team 1 is the winning page, and Team 3 is safe because they were spot on with their fashion choices. Ashlie is safe. It’s down to Kate and Cologne. But it’s Cologne who is not the right fit, and she must pack up and leave. Kate will stick around to cry another day. Sad! Well, that ruins Megan’s nefarious plan to get rid of Ashlie.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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