It’s not a spoiler if the show runner announces it to a legion of fans at Comic-Con, right?  Just because people are very sensitive about the s-word, I’ll wait until after the jump to discuss the spoiler.  I think its reasonable, although this information has been out there for months.  So, until we make it to the jump, what shall we discuss?  Quite an election last night, was it not?  Very good speech by Senator McCain, followed by an epic speech by new president-elect Barack Obama.  It’s a night I will surely be telling my future children and grandchildren about.  Oh, looks like we can make the jump now.  Full speed ahead.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is a TV show where a lot of people die.  This is just the way it’s set up.  The end of the world is approaching on Terminator and, as a result, a number of characters, minor and major, will have to perish.  During August’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, Terminator show runner Josh Friedman had a number of his cast members with him on stage.  He surprised them with an announcement – by the end of season two of Terminator, one of the actors on stage at that moment, there character would die.  The actors sitting on stage were Lena Headey, Thomas Dekker, Summer Glau, Garret Dillahunt, Shirley Manson, Brian Austin Green and Richard T. Jones. 

Considering we’re in the midst of November Sweeps, and it appears as if some story-lines on Terminator are coming to a head, there’s a good chance that one of those characters will die sometime in the next few episodes.  Immediately, I’m going to discard the possibility that Sarah Connor, John Connor or Cameron will die.  They are the three most integral characters on the series, and fans would start a riot if any of them died. 

That leaves Catherine Weaver, Cromartie, Ellison and Derek Reese. 

Death Odds:

Catherine Weaver – 30/1

Catherine Weaver is more or less an unstoppable force.  Just think of Robert Patrick in Terminator 2.  And, at this point, she’s going to let others do her dirty work before getting involved herself.  Also – no one knows what she is just yet either, so killing her would be quite the upset. 

Ellison – 18/1

Ellison is just getting more screen time as a character, and it would be a shame to kill him off now.  The series also uses his questions of faith as a through-line for the audience.  It would be a shock if Ellison was killed.  Friedman and company, I feel, have a lot in store for his character down the line.

Derek Reese – 8/1

Derek Reese has been a fan favorite ever since he joined the team.  The question is: Do the writers have big plans for him in the overall mythology?  I suspect they might, but it’s nowhere near a certainty.  If he’s not the one to train John, than he could be the victim of an untimely death.  I’d rather not see Derek go, and I bet the writers have grown to like him very much as well.

Cromartie: 5/1

This is the most likely candidate.  Cromartie has hunted the Connors since episode one, and they will soon face-off, if recent plot lines are any indication.  This will probably be the big November sweeps show down.  I’ll miss Garret Dillahunt if he does perish, but Cromartie has run his course as a character.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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