Ryan Sheckler, star of MTV’s Life of Ryan, is among the latest additions to artist/producer Lil Jon’s BME Click.  Sheckler joins a few other extreme sports athletes as the newest batch of ambassadors for Lil Jon’s stable of talent.

The Life of Ryan star was at the X-Games in Aspen, Colorado late last month, supporting fellow new BME recruit, Danny Kass.

Professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler and professional snowboarder Danny Kass are just two of the newest members of Lil Jon’s BME Click.  Also added into the mix were Sheckler’s fellow skateboarder, Greg Lutzka, Kass’ fellow snowboarder, Dingo and professional surfer, Travis Mellem.

“When Lil Jon wanted to get into action sports he wanted to pull the illest crew together, and it is an honor to be picked by that man,” Danny Kass remarked.

“Action sports is taking over, and BME is a part of it,” Life of Ryan‘s Sheckler added.  “Keep your eyes open and get ready!”

The extreme sports BME crew showed up in full force the weekend of January 24-27 to cheer on their comrade, Danny Kass, who competed in the SuperPipe competition at this year’s X-Games in Aspen.  As expected, the guys came dressed and decked in BME snowboarding and active wear gear.

“All of the BME athletes came together for the preview of the BME Grenade Glove and to support Danny Kass!” Lil Jon explained.  “BME Click was everywhere, from kids rockin’ our bandanas and New Era hats, to athletes riding BME snowboards.  It’s always good to be with family, and that’s what X-Games was.”

Lil Jon, Ryan Sheckler, Greg Lutzka, Dingo, Danny Kass and Travis Mellem celebrated the games via a blowout bash for the BME Grenade Glove at the BME/Oakley House.

The Click and BME Recordings got their start in 2001, founded by Lil Jon and his partners.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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