Which judges may or may not be returning? How is Scotty doing as an artist after the big win? What show was Lauren Alaina rejected from before American Idol? Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed are engaged?! All this and more as we catch up with American Idol in the wake of Season 10. By the way, they’re auditioning for Season 11, so apparently that’s happening.

Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed Might Be Engaged

After a “super cool” two months of dating, American Idol finalist Paul McDonald and his Twilight star girlfriend, Nikki Reed, showed up at the MTV Movie Awards together, and Nikki Reed was sporting a sparkly ring on a very noteworthy finger. Is it an engagement ring?

The two are already living together in Reed’s LA home, and she is reportedly trying to get him a recording contract. While this may just be a marriage of convenience for Paul, Nikki has been quoted saying, “He’s the one,” of McDonald, and a source claims they are engaged. Oh, boy. [MTV]

Which Judges Are Returning for Next Season?

If you ask Randy, they’re all coming back. But Jennifer Lopez was quoted saying, “It’s too early to tell,” after the Season 10 finale. So that either means it’s a money issue, now that her $12 million one-year contract is up and she’s moving on to Q’Viva! The Choice, or it means she’s not even sure American Idol will be back for another season. [NYPost.com]

Pia Toscano is Working On an Album

With her head start, after getting eliminated early from American Idol, Pia is already in the studio laying down some tracks. Pia Toscano is working with Interscope Records, on an album that will be “a pop album with an R&B influence.” No release date is set for the album, since they want to get everything right, but Pia fans can rejoice–it’s happening! [People.com]

Lauren Alaina is Cute As a Button on Leno

Say what you will about Lauren Alaina, but I think she’s just adorable. The Season 10 runner-up, who is not dating Scotty McCreery even though they kissed, appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno recently, and had some news for America’s Got Talent judge, Piers Morgan. She was rejected from the show twice! Watch the interview below:

Does it actually say something about the standard of the talent on America’s Got Talent, Piers? Does it?

Scotty McCreery Makes History

Even though his “Winner’s song,” “I Love You This Big” was a little sleepy, it’s making chart-topping history. “I Love You This Big” is the first highest-charting debut song for a new artist in 20 years, coming in at number 32 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. His compilation album, American Idol Season 10: Scotty McCreery has placed at number 12 on the Billboard Top 200, and reached number three on the country albums chart. [The Insider]

Other Tidbits:

  • The Lee DeWyze vs Nigel Lythgoe, mysterious-finale-absence feud simmered briefly before DeWyze went back into a life of relative anonymity. [TVLine]

  • None of the finalists will call Carrie Underwood, even though she keeps giving them her number. Hollaback at a girl, why doncha? Except for you, David Cook, you’re alright. [E! Online]

  • American Idol Top 11 are only making $1000 per show, and are not exactly given luxury accommodations. That’s not much, considering what the show tickets are selling for. [Digital Spy]

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