Those of us jonesing to watch the premiere of Love in the Wild, NBC’s new “extreme dating” series that puts 20 men and women in the Costa Rican jungle for a series of “exhilarating quests” with romantic rewards, now need to wait a little longer, as the network has pushed back the premiere to Wednesday, June 29 at 10pm. (The same night as the newly scheduled Voice finale.) The series was originally scheduled to debut last night, June 1.

But the later premiere date hasn’t kept NBC from releasing a series of rather odd preview videos and contestant diaries that give us a sneak peek at what the show will be like. Tree-top climbing challenges! Aquatic monsters! Lost maps! Kissing, bickering and bromances! We’ll get all of this and more when Love in the Wild finally premieres. Let these bizarre clips satisfy your curiosity for the time being:

Extended Preview: Crocs, Snakes and Crazy Singles. I appreciate that NBC is still holding on to the “extreme dating experiment” angle, like any of us believe there’s a team of scientists somewhere compiling data so they can present their “findings” on this grand social “experiment.”  Ha, ha. NOPE! But way to stick to your guns, NBC!

The “Rules”: Mandatory Make-outs. These “video diaries” from the show give us a better sense of how the “rules” of the show will attempt to instigate romance. In this case, the couples MUST kiss on the lips in order to complete their challenge. Nothing’s more romantic than compulsory kissing!

Video Diaries That Make You Say, “Huh”?
And after all that kissing, then there’s the morning after. I think? I have no idea what they’re talking about here. “Cool story, bro,” is probably what I would say if I could talk back to this video. Also, “How do you find the time to do your eye makeup/get lip injections in the wild?”

Documenting a “Bromance”: This video brings to mind a concern that plagues me in my day to day life, but which I had not considered might factor into my enjoyment of Love in the Wild until just now: New couples, with their giggling and their inside jokes and their constant inane flirting, can be SUPER annoying.

With all that kissing, I hope they at least get to bring toothbrushes. Check out the cast while you circle your calendar, eagerly waiting for June 29 to arrive (yes, I’m being sarcastic, but I’m sincere when I say that I am going to watch the s*** out of this show):

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