When we last left the Leverage gang, it seemed they’ll have to go on the run again. Another plan somehow foiled, another new start imminent… at least until Nate decided that, bah, if I want to get past this, I might as well give up. And give up he did. His gang is let loose, and he’s in prison.

Well, guess what –there’s a new season of Leverage, which means the gang will have to reunite in one way or another. And what better way to do it than with a prison break?

The series returns for its third season tonight, and it’s bound to be pretty good. Yes, they’ve pulled off a lot of cons, but staging a prison break with it has to leave a mark, regardless of what the result is. To complicate things further, Nate isn’t really willing to leave prison — but, as they all say, when duty calls, you’ve got to do something.

In this case, it’s his realization that the warden of the prison where he’s incarcerated is corrupt. And his actions are taking a toll on an innocent man’s life — this accountant guy who was framed for murder and, along with Nate, is held in the supermax section of the prison. So what else does Nate do? Bring back his team and help them kill two birds with one stone: take down the warden and let an innocent man free.

And, by consequence, Nate too. Of course, if you do something messy, you might as well try to get away with it. Hello, season-long chase.

Edwin Hodge — Aldis Hodge’s brother, in case you’re curious — and Elisabetta Canalis guest star on the season premiere of Leverage, which airs tonight from 9pm on TNT. And it’s a double treat: there’s another new episode immediately after the premiere, this time involving a high school reunion being infiltrated for some password. But since the prison break is quite a big task in itself, I’ll let you take that in first.

Here’s a collection of clips from tonight’s episode:

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Henrik Batallones

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