‘True Blood’: 5 Reasons I Love Pam

  • Jun 14, 2010
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The season 3 premiere of True Blood picked up right where the show left off with a missing Bill, Eric’s V trade problems and Jason’s post-shooting depression.  However, the biggest surprise of season 3 is how Pam, Eric’s right-hand vamp, shot to the top of my Favorite Characters list.

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Providing advice and muscle for Eric, Pam became more than just window dressing at Fangtasia and started to break out as a character to watch.  Her psycho-sexual mind games and formidable vampire strength make her a force to be reckoned with, and I’m certainly a fan.  Here are just five of the reasons Pam was my favorite part of the True Blood season 3 premiere.

Lesbian Weirdness

Sookie may not have time for Pam’s “lesbian weirdness,” but her forceful yet playful flirtation with absolutely anyone who walks into Fangtasia is pure fun.  Pam is willing to do and say anything to get the psychological edge over anyone she meets, which is a very handy trait.

The Outfits

Whether she’s dressed like a dominatrix stripper or an Avon saleswoman all in pink, Pam certainly goes out on a limb with her clothing choices.  Since a lot of the other vampires seem fine dressing like typical goths or strange bikers, it’s nice to see a vampire add a little flair to her wardrobe.

Standing Up to Eric

Eric is certainly an intimidating guy, but in spite of being his subordinate, Pam has no problem standing up to him.  She told him right to his face that she needed to tell the Queen about Bill’s disappearance, not caring about what a powerful sheriff like Eric could do to her.

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The Hooker Backstory

Flashbacks are a big part of True Blood, and her quick comment to Lafayette about how she hasn’t been a “hooker” for a long, long time gave a glimpse into her backstory.  Now we can just sit back and wait for the flashback to see Pam, pre-vampire, as a prositute.

Threatening Lafayette

Not only does True Blood love getting the men naked, but it also loves seeing a woman kick a man’s ass.  When Pam held Lafayette and threatened him to sell the V quickly, it was a beautiful role reversal that True Blood is fond of, showing the woman taking charge.

With all of this in just the first episode, I’m hopeful that Pam will become a true breakout character in season 3, standing up to Eric but, more importantly, watching out for herself and continuing to provide great lesbian weirdness throughout the season.

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