Blindspot Season 3 brings the FBI tattoo team back together again after two years apart. During those years, the team members lost touch with each other for the most part and aren’t the same people they once were, which creates an intriguing new team dynamic.

In addition to learning to work with each other again, the team members have secrets that they don’t necessarily want the others to find out, while Roman has made it his mission to cause turmoil and distrust by using the tattoos to reveal these secrets.

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BuddyTV spoke with Executive Producer Martin Gero and the cast about Season 3 and these mysterious secrets. Read on for exerpts from these conversations. Warning: Mild spoilers included.

On the tattoos 

Gero: The tattoos will not only take down a bad guy of the week, but they are also going after Patterson, Zapata’s secrets and something in Reade’s life, and something in Weller’s life and Jane’s life. It’s putting them all on edge in a way that they didn’t expect. They are also wise. They did this before. They played this game before with Shepard and they don’t want to fall into the same traps. The tattoos are too intoxicating with what they can achieve. And, they realize in the second episode, they basically stop the end of the world, and so they realize they don’t have any choice. We do have to do these.

Roman’s Game

Luke Mitchell: Within the tattoos are secrets that some team members will not want other team members to find out about, which makes it so much fun. It’s a big game, but there is a point to the game. It’s not just for its own sake. He’s going to enjoy watching the game unfold. He’s may have to intervene from time-to-time to point the team in the direction he wants them in case they start going down the wrong path. He spent a lot of time planning this and there is a purpose to it.

Jane’s Passports and Money

Jaimie Alexander: Over the two year gap, she has to make money so she … used her skillset as an assassin to save people. When you see in the premiere that there’s a lot of fake passports and money from different countries, that’s what she’s been doing on top of a few other things. That’s the base of what she’s been doing. She feels pretty good about it and she’s like, “Well, I don’t know anything else and this is the best thing I can possibly apply myself to with these skill sets.” 


Sullivan Stapleton: It’s a massive twist. I’m thankful that we have such a good writing team that can add this to the storyline to the show. What you think is unravelling, you won’t guess it. It’s great. It’s fun. We are given such good opportunities as actors. It’s a good twist.

Kurt Working with Roman: 

Mitchell: Kurt is not going to enjoy that relationship and Roman’s going to enjoy it immensely. It’s a real change of power. In their relationship in Season 2, Kurt had all the power, as the head of the FBI and Roman was a prisoner or the enemy. And now it’s a complete role reversal because Kurt has a huge secret that he will not Jane to find out about. It’s huge. It’s really big. It’s shocking and it’s kind of multi-layered. It’s not just one secret, it’s kinda like sister secrets.

Gero: It’s kinda reminiscent to how Jane was with Oscar in the first season. He would occasionally ask her to do something that seemed small. In this case, the tattoos have a very set order in Roman’s head and so he needs someone to say, “Hey, let’s look at this one today.” Or, if Patterson doesn’t get it to have some crib notes. He wants to be able to call plays as to which tattoos they do in which order. It’s a game Weller will play to a certain extent, but with great caution.

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Patterson and Rich Dot Com?

Ashley Johnson: You find out pretty early on what that relationship ends up being. Maybe it’s what you think, maybe not what you think.

Gero: They are not romantic. People assume that it’s a romantic secret and it’s not necessarily a romantic secret. Patterson is still going to be very much in charge. They have  a lot of overlapping skill sets. The reality is they really augment each other and they make this dynamic duo that’s incredibly fun to watch. 

Dragonfly Tattoo

Audrey Esparza: What the team doesn’t expect is that the bioluminscent tattoos not only point to criminals, but they point to them as a team and their secrets. One of Tasha’s greatest fears and secrets and in some ways betrayals is tied into that dragonfly tattoo. What it means and what it points to is huge in Season 3. The dragonfy tattoo is big this season. … The writers put in nuggets from the beginning. The dragonfly tattoo is something that’s been set up from the beginning and the payoff is pretty huge.

Blindspot airs Fridays at 8/7c on NBC.

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