DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” is a CW staple of action and adventure based on the DC comic characters Arrow and The Flash, along with many others in the “Arrowverse.” Rip Hunter — the main character of the series portrayed by Arthur Darvill — fights the evils of the organization that turned on him and attempts to avenge the killing of his family by the sinister Vandal Savage. 

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Rip partners with an array of heroes and villains alike to form a powerful team composed of Heat Wave/Mick Rory, Captain Cold/Leonard Snart, The Atom/Ray Palmer, and many others as they travel on a time-bending ship called the “Waverider.” Many encounters with the troublesome Time Masters, who work for Vandal Savage, also ensue.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1

First airing on Jan. 21, 2016, season one had 16 episodes.

  • Episode one (Pilot, Part 1): The major characters meet and travel 150 years into the past to crusade against Vandal Savage.
  • Episode two (Pilot, Part 2): Rip Hunter’s team gets involved in a dangerous ammunition deal that goes south quickly and results in the loss of an important piece of The Atom’s suit.
  • Episode three (Blood Ties): Rip and Sara attempt to destabilize Vandal Savage by breaking into his bank and controlling his financial assets.
  • Episode four (White Knights): Nuclear scientists begin to disappear in large numbers as Vandal Savage disappears behind the Iron Curtain of the 1980s. The team travels to the Soviet Union to try to head off his next victim.
  • Episode five (Fail-Safe): A few of the Legends are captured by Soviet forces and thrown into prison during the Cold War of 1986. Snart leads a mission to rescue them.
  • Episode six (Star City 2046): Faced with a disturbing vision of a possible future where Savage never gets defeated, the Waverider lands in Star City in the year 2046.
  • Episode seven (Marooned): A mysterious distress call from another timeship puts the team at risk as they try to use the ship’s computer system to monitor Vandal Savage.
  • Episode eight (Night of the Hawk): Traveling to a tiny town in Oregon that has been plagued by a set of murders, the Legends believe Savage is involved and try to thwart his plans.
  • Episode nine (Left Behind): Ray, Sara, and Kendra get trapped in 1958 when Waverider leaves them behind. Smart is abducted by Chronos and Sara rejoins the League of Assassins.
  • Episode 10 (Progeny): The fate of Per Degaton, a boy who will one day assist Savage, hangs in the balance as Rip and the team disagree on whether to kill him.
  • Episode 11 (The Magnificent Eight): Arriving in the Old West to hide out, Rip and the team fight with local outlaws until they’re assisted to safety by Rip’s old friend, Jonah Hex.
  • Episode 12 (Last Refuge): The team’s younger selves are removed from the timestream when the Time Masters send The Pilgrim to assassinate them.
  • Episode 13 (Leviathan): Arriving in 2166, the Legends realize that Savage has a daughter, and Kendra makes a shocking discovery.
  • Episode 14 (River of Time): The Waverider is damaged, and the team struggles to return Savage to the Vanishing Point for trial.
  • Episode 15 (Destiny): Rip finds out the source of the Time Masters’ power at the Vanishing Point and Mick is reprogrammed to be Chronos again.
  • Episode 16 (Legendary): Hoping they’ll return to their original lives, Rip takes the Legends back to 2016. 

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2

First airing on Oct. 13, 2016, season two had 17 episodes.

  • Episode one (Out of Time): Historian Nate Heywood pairs up with Oliver Queen to find Waverider in the Atlantic and learn the story of what happened to the Legends in 1942.
  • Episode two (The Justice Society of America): The Legends partner up with The Justice Society of America to recover a magical amulet from the Nazis in 1942. 
  • Episode three (Shogun): Discovering that the Nazi serum at hand can turn his skin to steel, Nate accidentally lands himself and Ray into 1641 Japan.
  • Episode four (Abominations): Following a pirate to 1863 Mississippi, the Legends do battle with a bioweapon that turns humans into zombies and could alter Civil War history.
  • Episode five (Compromised): Following a temporal aberration to the White House in 1987, the team realizes that Damien Darhk is there to acquire a precious object.
  • Episode six (Outlaw Country): In 1874 Colorado, the team chase a timequake and encounter their friend Jonah Hex.
  • Episode seven (Invasion!): The Dominator’s plans are revealed to the Legends as members of the abducted team return to Earth.
  • Episode eight (The Chicago Way): Trying to defuse a timequake in Chicago 1927, the team discovers that Damian and the Speedster have joined forces with Malcolm Merlyn and Mick suffers hallucinations as the Legends search for a stolen amulet.
  • Episode nine (Raiders of the Lost Art): Tracing a temporal aberration to 1967, the Legends encounter their captain, Rip Hunter, directing a student film and having no recollection of his identity.
  • Episode 10 (The Legion of Doom): Malcolm and Damien try to access Rip’s memories, and the Legends must deal with Martin’s daughter.
  • Episode 11 (Turncoat): On Christmas Day 1776, the Legends attempt to save George Washington’s life and face challenges with the British army during the Revolutionary War.
  • Episode 12 (Camelot/3000): Starting in the year 3000 and journeying all the way to 507 A.D., the team tries to take back fragments of the Spear that don’t need to be in the wrong hands.
  • Episode 13 (Land of the Lost): Waverider is forced down in 65 Million B.C., and three members of the team seek the equipment they need to repair the timeship.
  • Episode 14 (Moonshot): Finding Henry Heywood at Mission Control in Houston, the Legends try to find out where he hid the missing fragment of the Spear of Destiny.
  • Episode 15 (Fellowship of the Spear): To destroy the powerful Spear of Destiny, the Legends travel to the Battle of Somme in 1916 to acquire the blood of Christ.
  • Episode 16 (Doomworld): Mick and Len emerge as the only two members of the team not to have their memories erased by the Legion of Doom and must work together to return their teammates’ recollections.
  • Episode 17 (Aruba): Dodging their past selves to prevent a major temporal problem, the team returns to 1916 to try to stop the Legion of Doom from getting the Spear of Destiny.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3

First airing on Oct. 10, 2017, season three had 18 episodes.

  • Episode one (Aruba-Con): A new Time Bureau is created by Rip and the Legends employ Julius Caesar in Aruba to try to restore the original Bureau to its former glory.
  • Episode two (Freakshow): Journeying to 1870 to handle what seems, at first, a minor temporal aberration, the team is captured by P.T. Barnum.
  • Episode three (Zari): In 2042, the Legends find that A.R.G.U.S. has exerted ultimate control, and the team tracks a hacker who has possession of an important amulet.
  • Episode four (Phone Home): The team meets up with young Ray in the 1980s and try to protect him from the government as young Ray is being hunted for hiding a baby Dominator.
  • Episode five (Return of the Mack): A handful of strange deaths reportedly caused by a vampire lead the team to 1895 London.
  • Episode six (Helen Hunt): The Legends nearly get trapped in 1937 Hollywood when a time-displaced Helen of Troy alters the natural course of history.
  • Episode seven (Welcome to the Jungle): Finding themselves in 1960s Vietnam, the team battles with a bizarre monster attacking both American and Vietnamese soldiers.
  • Episode eight (Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4): The Legends reject Fuehrer Queen’s offer of an exchange for Supergirl, and he launches a brutal attack on Earth-1’s Central City.
  • Episode nine (Beebo the God of War): Chasing a level 12 anachronism, the Legends venture to 1000 A.D. and discover a youthful Martin Stein being held prisoner.
  • Episode 10 (Daddy Darhkest): Ray and Zari help a girl possessed by a demon, while John Constantine learns of Sara’s involvement in the demonic possession.
  • Episode 11 (Here I Go Again): An exploding ship prevents Zari from connecting her computer assimilator to Gideon and causes her to be repeatedly knocked back in time one hour and is the only person who remembers what happened.
  • Episode 12 (The Curse of the Earth Totem): The team chases down the Fire and Earth totems, while Sara and Ava go on a date.
  • Episode 13 (No Country for Old Dads): In 1962, Damien tries to assassinate the unknown creator of cold fusion just as Ray admits that cold fusion is required to fix the Fire Totem. 
  • Episode 14 (Amazing Grace): When rock-n-roll begins to fade from the Waverider, the team journeys back to 1950 Memphis to discover it’s a ghost town.
  • Episode 15 (Necromancing the Stone): Mallus possesses Sara’s body when she gives in to the temptation of wearing the Death Totem.
  • Episode 16 (I, Ava): Searching for a missing Ava, Gary arrives at Waverider and travels with Sara and Ray to solve a mystery in 2213.
  • Episode 17 (Guest Starring John Noble): The Legends prevent Grodd from killing Barack Obama in 1992. Nate and Wally journey to Zambesi to stop Amaya from creating the anachronism that will set Mallus free.
  • Episode 18 (The Good, The Bad and the Cuddly): Unsuccessful in their attempt to defeat Mallus, the team takes refuge in the Old West and tries to learn how the Totems might be able to help them.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 4

First airing on Oct. 22, 2018, season four had 16 episodes.

  • Episode one (The Virgin Gary): The Legends miss the chance for a much-needed break when Constantine sends them to Woodstock to handle a strangely powerful pest.
  • Episode two (Witch Hunt): Traveling to Salem during the Salem Witch Trials, the team must face a supernatural menace.
  • Episode three (Dancing Queen): Ray must make his way into the punk scene of 1970s London to unearth a mythical creature.
  • Episode four (Wet Hot American Bummer): Posing as camp counselors in 1995, the team chases down a magical occurrence detected by Gideon.
  • Episode five (Tagumo Attacks!!!): Bringing Charlie along, the team heads to 1950s Tokyo, while Nate deals with his monstrous family over the Thanksgiving holidays.
  • Episode six (Tender Is the Nate): To understand the too-high and too-many expenses of the Legends’ budget, Hank brings Nate along on a fact-finding mission.
  • Episode seven (Hell No, Dolly!): Constantine battles with painful memories as the team travels to 1856 New Orleans to track a fugitive serial killer.
  • Episode eight (Legends of To-Meow-Meow): Trying to fix what once went wrong in Constantine’s altered timeline, the team only makes things worse.
  • Episode nine (Lucha de Apuestas): Disguised as El Lobo in 1961 Mexico City, Konane is tracked by the Legends, who are trying to bring him home. The team discovers that the Men in Black really did try to steal the Kaupe.
  • Episode 10 (The Getaway): The Legends travel to 1973 and immediately suspect magical activity, as they find President Richard Nixon unable to tell anything but non-stop truth.
  • Episode 11 (Seance and Sensibility): Constantine strives to contact Hank’s spirit, while Nate is attending Hank’s wake. Jane Austen’s works have begun to vanish from the timeline, and the Legends travel to 1802 England to investigate.
  • Episode 12 (The Eggplant, The Witch, and the Wardrobe): Constantine, Nora, and Sara locate Ava, and Sara is forced to journey to her lover’s purgatory as the team discovers that Neron has relocated her soul.
  • Episode 13 (Egg MacGuffin): Nate and Zari travel to 1933 in search of a golden egg. Charlie must disguise himself as “Rebecca Silver,” Mick’s pen name, at Romanti-Con to earn $20,000, and Ray forges an unlikely friendship to break free from Neron.
  • Episode 14 (Nip/Stuck): Trapped in the Ice Age by Neron, the Legends see Constantine’s ancestor, and Constantine must resist Neron’s attempts to convince him to open a portal to Hell.
  • Episode 15 (Terms of Service): Nora becomes the Fairy Godmother, while Zari misplaces a dragon egg and Charlie is imprisoned by Neron. The rest of the team faces personal hardship in their attempts to attack Neron.
  • Episode 16 (Hey, World!): The Legends disguise themselves as three other well-known superheroes to draw people to Nate’s Heyworld and thwart Neron’s plan to open the gates of Hell. Ray has made a new friend in Hell when Constantine and Nora arrive to rescue him.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 5

First airing on Jan. 14, 2020, season five had one crossover episode and 14 regular episodes.

  • Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 5: As some worlds survive and other worlds are destroyed, nothing will ever be the same for the Legends.
  • Episode one (Meet the Legends): The team has become unexpectedly famous, and Sara invites a documentary film crew onboard the Waverider to capture the process of investigating temporal aberrations.
  • Episode two (Miss Me, Kiss Me, Love Me): The team encounters Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and a group of elite actors in 1947 Hollywood as they chase down a new time blip.
  • Episode three (Slay Anything): Ava, Sara, and Rory infiltrate a high school reunion to stop a serial killer as the Legends find a new Encore.
  • Episode four (A Head of her Time): Marie Antoinette surfaces as the newest Encore, and Ava tries to show off for the team as Sara has left her in charge.
  • Episode five (Mortal Khanbat): The team uses Ava’s new invention, the Prognosticator, to locate the latest Encore, Genghis Khan in 1990s Hong Kong.
  • Episode six (Mr. Parker’s Cul-de-Sac): An unexpected Encore disrupts Nora and Ray’s date night, and the Legends must improvise a useful lie to help defeat it.
  • Episode seven (Romeo v. Juliet: Dawn of Justness): Hunting fragments of the Loom of Fate, the team enjoys an unplanned meeting with William Shakespeare.
  • Episode eight (Zari, Not Zari): Constantine, Charlie, and Sara face an unexpected problem as they scour British Columbia for pieces of the Loom of Fate.
  • Episode nine (The Great British Fake Off): Zari and Constantine visit a boarding house in the 1910s where they become trapped with multiple Encores. Charlie begins to notice strange behaviors from Sara as she recovers from battle.
  • Episode 10 (Ship Broken): Charlie faces a difficult decision when tasked with deciding who gets to utilize the Loom of Fate first.
  • Episode 11 (Freaks and Greeks): The Legends return to college and find a sorority to locate the Chalice of Dionysus, an ancient relic that Charlie needs to correctly operate the Loom of Fate.
  • Episode 12 (I Am Legends): Granted 24 hours of immortality via a drink from the Chalice of Dionysus, the team successfully arrives at Waverider and is able to use the Loom of Fate.
  • Episode 13 (The One Where We’re Trapped on TV): Charlie scatters the Legends across various television shows to protect them after breaking one of her own rules regarding her sisters.
  • Episode 14 (Swan Thong): Trapped in a dystopian world, the Legends are manipulated by The Fates and learn that appearances can be deceiving.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6

First airing on May 2, 2021, season six had 15 episodes.

  • Episode one (Ground Control to Sara Lance): Sara goes missing after the Legends spend a rowdy night celebrating their victory over the Fates.
  • Episode two (Meat: The Legends): Ava utilizes her special abilities and help from Spooner to find Aliens across the timeline who might be able to help the team locate Sara.
  • Episode three (The Ex-Factor): Zari is forced to enter a singing contest to help the Legends defeat an Alien warrior in 2045.
  • Episode four (Bay of Squids): Rory surprises everyone by taking charge and discovering an important alien, but he also lands the Legends at the frontlines of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • Episode five (The Satanist’s Apprentice): Astra struggles with her mortality and new inability to receive instructions from Constantine.
  • Episode six (Bishop’s Gambit): In search of Sara, enemies Mick and Kayla take Waverider but find themselves in untested waters trying to survive together on the planet where Sara is being detained.
  • Episode seven (Back to the Finale: Part II): The Legends and Behrad risk disrupting the timeline to try and keep Sara from ever being abducted to help the struggling Ava.
  • Episode eight (Stressed Western): The team is reunited in the Old West, and Nate is nominated to keep everything calm as they hunt down a new alien.
  • Episode nine (This is Gus): The Legends forget Behrad’s birthday, but when they find themselves at Behrad’s favorite TV show in pursuit of an alien pod to 2024, Behrad believes it’s all a belated birthday surprise.
  • Episode 10 (Bad Blood): In search of the Fountain of Imperium, Constantine and Spooner set forth to try to restore Constantine’s lost powers.
  • Episode 11 (The Final Frame): Spooner makes a reckless bet regarding returning to Waverider without consulting Rory, Astra, or Sara.
  • Episode 12 (Bored On Board Onboard): Constantine overloads Gideon, forcing the homesick Legends to resort to more primitive means of travel to conserve Waverider’s energy supply.
  • Episode 13 (Silence of the Sonograms): An unplanned guest puts the team on red alert, and Ava handles the difficult interrogation of the intruder.
  • Episode 14 (There Will Be Brood): Finding themselves stowaways to 1920s Texas, Spooner and Astra find out about Constantine’s continuous quest to locate the Fountain of Imperium.
  • Episode 15 (The Fungus Amongus): Realizing an unseemly plan by Bishop, Sara is convinced by Ava to permit the team an exception to their normal rules of engagement.

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