I don’t watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but I watch enough of The Soup to know that the triple Ks are three very busy, very talented sisters. The Kardashians work so hard on their fashion lines, stores, TV shows and baby voices that they actually invented a new hour of the day just to fit it all in!

And, true inspiration that she is, Kourtney Kardashian decided to add “soap star” to her lengthy resume this week (what does that make her, a OCTUPLE threat by now?!), stopping by One Life to Live as Kassandra “Don’t Call Her an Ambulance Chaser” Kavanaugh, Esq. Yep, she’s a lawyer. (And the “Perfect Casting” Daytime Emmy Award goes to…)

She’s acting so hard you can actually feel the brain cells struggling to make sense of what’s coming out of her mouth: “Unconstitutional? Is that even a word?” “Doesn’t matter, just keep going.” (Those are her brain cells talking to each other.)

Haha! In the contest of moments competing to be my favorite part, it’s a tie between when she says “well if you’re the one who opened your big mouth” because HUH?, when she flops a punch on that guy because NO!, and when she looks over her shoulder like DAAAAMN. Also: All of it.

Adding this one to the vault.

(Image: ABC)