To prepare ourselves for the crazy, perhaps catastrophic premiere of America’s Next Top Model: All Stars, let’s familiarize ourselves with the contestants. We know a lot about these ladies from their time on the show, but what have they accomplished since then? What mysterious mystical force convinced them to take another shot at the much-coveted and often laughed-at title? Was it Tyra?

Some of these questions will be answered throughout this week, when we take a look back at the lives of these All-Star contestants. We’ll also highlight a few of their best moments on America’s Next Top Model.

For today, let’s take a look at our resident Janice Dickinson look-alike, Brittany Brower.

Original Cycle: Cycle 4, 2005

Placed: 4th

Age: 29

Has Modeled For: Runway shows by Macys Passport, J.Lo, Calvin Klein, Meghan Spring 2006 in L.A. Fashion Week, House of Dereon,  Von Dutch, Carlos Santana shoes

Thrilled to be back, Brittany is more than ready for her second chance, as you can see from the promo below.

One of the stronger personalities on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 4, Brittany was known for clashing with some of the finalists. During panel, she was criticized for looking too sexual in her photos and had to tone that down. 

But that didn’t mean she should’ve flopped around in the mud. This landed her in the Bottom Two, in addition to being remembered for letting her excitement (and alcohol) get the best of her at Craig Port’s party.

Thankfully, she soon learned how to handle herself. She produced great photos, until she lashed out at Keenyah for her behavior. This affected Brittany’s performance and resulted in her elimination on episode 11. 

Her aggressive nature never stopped her from making it big in the industry, however. Though she works for NEXT Models in LA and Reel Model Management, Brittany has branched out to showbiz. She landed a role on the series Love, Inc. and has been included on Bravo’s Battle of the Network Reality Stars. She also held a spot in Maxim Magazine’s Hottest Women of Reality TV.

Brittany has also been seen on The Tyra Banks Show not once, but five times. She later took on the role of guest analyst on So You Think You Can Dance?, in addition to performing on VH1’s Big in 05 Awards.

Though she has her own training workshop for aspiring models, we don’t expect her to lecture her fellow ANTM: All-Stars contestants. Then again, if she’s going to be the next Janice, we can’t say. All we know for sure is that she’s going to party.

Check back tomorrow as we look at another contestant from America’s Next Top Model All-Stars. And set your calendars for the show’s premiere on September 14.

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