To prepare ourselves for the crazy, perhaps catastrophic premiere of America’s Next Top Model: All Stars, let’s familiarize ourselves with the contestants. We know a lot about these ladies from their time on the show, but what have they accomplished since then? What mysterious mystical force convinced them to take another shot at the much-coveted and often laughed-at title? Was it Tyra?

Some of these questions will be answered throughout this week, when we take a look back at the lives of these All-Star contestants. We’ll also highlight a few of their best moments on America’s Next Top Model.

We may have just seen her last season, but Alexandria Everett is still hoping her second chance will be her ticket to first place. It’s either that or she’ll surf by for the win.

Original Cycle: Cycle 16, 2011

Placed: 4th

Age: 22

Has Modeled For: 80s Purple, BTFL People, BrightLightsLA, Futures, Jac Martinez, Orange Coast Magazine,, Swoop Magazine, Warriors in Pink, Cosmopolitan Magazine

You’d remember Alexandria from Cycle 16 of America’s Next Top Model because that just wrapped up earlier this year. Or maybe you’d remember her more for her know-it-all attitude. Her talent and versatility got her through to the Final Four, though she got into fights with the other contestants. And no, it’s not just that one-sided catfight with winner Brittani.

Alexandria produced some of the best photos throughout the season, but she wasn’t well-liked at all. She complained a lot during photo shoots, which got her on the judges’ bad side. She even upset the director of their commercial and got a warning from Tyra herself.

When she noticed that conflict was following her everywhere, she vowed to change. She confronted the other girls, won the “Warriors in Pink” challenge, and stayed professional enough to book all her go-sees. 

Oh, and she kept her spirits up by rapping. Word.

Even though her skills improved each week, Alexandria was sent home because she was too controlling on-set. She upset those who worked with her, which ended up worrying the judges. 

Not much has happened since her Top Model experience, but this California surfer girl has been seen on several ad campaigns and has done plenty of test shots. She’s worked with Swoop Magazine and BTFL People, among others.

Be sure to check back tomorrow as we look at one last contestant from America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars. And set your calendars for the show’s premiere on September 14.

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