The end of Big Brother 13 is near. With only one episode remaining and three HGs left, it’s time to predict which one will win half a million dollars. The finale of Big Brother 13 is a bit odd, with two VIP cocktail waitresses (newbie Porsche Briggs and veteran Rachel Reilly) plus the bacon, metal and 90210-loving Adam Poch. Which one deserves the victory, and which one will actually win?

Since there are only three possible combinations for the final two, let’s look at each one.

Rachel vs. Adam

This one is easy and it doesn’t matter which of them wins the final HoH. Brendon will absolutely vote for Rachel to win, and I suspect Jeff and Jordan would too. Yes, Adam remained loyal to them the entire time, but so did Rachel and she actually won competitions to help them. Daniele and Kalia have made it very clear that they have no respect for Adam’s game and will never vote for him to win, even if they hate Rachel. And I suspect Porsche would do the same thing. That leaves Shelly as the only possible vote for Adam, but either way, I see it as a 7-0 or 6-1 vote for Rachel to win.

Rachel vs. Porsche

Brendon, Jeff and Jordan will obviously vote for Rachel to win, regardless of who wins the last HoH. Similarly, Daniele and Kalia would definitely vote for Porsche, as would Shelly, who genuinely hates Rachel. That leaves useless, worthless Adam as the deciding vote. I think his vote might be based on whoever wins the last HoH, since he views the game as simply as “Whoever wins that competition deserves to win the game.” However, there’s a chance that, even if Porsche won parts 2 and 3, he’d still go with Rachel out of misguided loyalty to the veterans.

Adam vs. Porsche

This is the real grudge match, and if this is the finale, I think it would be based on which of them actually wins parts 2 and 3 of the final HoH competition. Regardless, Jeff and Jordan would vote for Adam to win while Daniele and Kalia would vote for Porsche, putting all of the pressure on Rachel, Brendon and Shelly. If Porsche actually wins these last two competitions, I think she’d have enough clout that, even if she evicted Rachel at the end, Brenchel and Shelly would still see her as the superior competitor and give her the win. If Adam wins, however, and brings Porsche, I think those three votes would switch and he’d take it. Either way, I think it will be a 5-2 vote, but it’s entirely based on who wins the last HoH.

So based on my thinking, everyone still has a chance of winning the game, but Rachel is certainly in the lead and will most likely win if she makes the finale in any way, shape or form. Adam and Porsche are essentially tied in terms of the game (both have one HoH and two PoVs), so it really comes down to this last battle to decide which of them deserves it more.

My dream scenario is Porsche winning, taking Rachel and convincing Adam to vote for her, letting Porsche win and Rachel come in second. My nightmare scenario is Adam winning the final HoH, taking Porsche, and then watching Adam win the game. Big Brother already had an undeserving guy named Adam win the game in season 9, and that didn’t turn out so well since he’s now in prison serving a four-year sentence for drug possession and tax evasion.

Who do you think will win and who do you want to win? Do you think I’m right or wrong with my predictions of how the Big Brother 13 jury will vote?

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