The last competition of Big Brother 13 before Wednesday’s finale is over. The second part of the final HoH competition put two HGs against each other in one last chance at getting to decide who’s in the finale and who gets evicted third.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Rachel won part 1 of the final HoH competition.

Porsche won part 2!

You go, girls! It sounds like it was a very physically exhausting competition, but in the end, Adam lost again. This essentially seals his fate as someone who has no real shot at winning.

Now we wait until finale night to see the live third part of the final HoH competition between Rachel and Porsche, where one VIP cocktail waitress will win, evict the last person and then leave it to the jury to decide the winner.

With only four possible outcomes, let’s look at each of them.

Rachel Wins and Takes Porsche: Daniele, Kalia and Shelly might dislike Rachel enough to vote against her, but Brendon, Jeff and Jordan would all vote for Rachel to win. Adam would respect that Rachel won the last HoH and vote for her, making it a 4-3 vote with Rachel winning. There’s a chance it could be by an even larger margin, but Rachel would definitely win.

Rachel Wins and Takes Adam: Once again, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan would all vote for Rachel, but this time Daniele and Kalia’s contempt for Adam’s gameplay would mean they might vote for her too. There’s a good chance Porsche would do it as well, leaving Shelly as Adam’s only vote.

Porsche Wins and Takes Rachel
: This one is hard to figure out. Brendon, Jeff and Jordan would probably all vote for Rachel, regardless of Porsche winning the last competition. Daniele Kalia and Shelly, however, seem to hate Rachel enough and would give Porsche the win. Then it all comes down to Adam. He could actually go either way. With Porsche winning the last competition, it would mean both her and Rachel won five individual competitions (Rachel’s sixth win was wit Brendon in the first PoV competition). Adam is the kind of guy who probably puts enormous weight on the last HoH, so he could let Porsche win. Either way, it would probably be a 4-3 vote, and I might give the edge to Porsche.

Porsche Wins and Takes Adam: Daniele and Kalia would definitely go for Porsche. I think Jeff and Jordan would respect Adam’s loyalty and vote for them. Rachel and Brendon are tricky. They might resent that Porsche didn’t take Rachel to the finale, but they could also respect it as a big game move and vote for her to win. The same goes for Shelly, who will probably be swayed by Daniele’s anti-Adam campaigning in the jury house. It’s a risky move, but Porsche’s late wins could help her prove that she’s a real competitor while Adam just didn’t step up, and I think Porsche would win in a 4-3 or 5-2 vote.

So basically, if Rachel wins the last competition, she’s guaranteed to win the game. But if Porsche wins it, she’d probably win. Either way, I think/hope Adam has no shot at winning, and he seems to know it, getting very depressed that his “master plan” of winning at the end didn’t pan out.

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