We’re only a few months away from the premiere of 30 Rock‘s sixth season, which explains why the internet is brimming with news about it. Looks like stars are lining up to make their appearance on the show, and yes, we’re definitely grateful (not to mention very, very excited) for that.

First up is Boss actor Kelsey Grammer. According to TV Guide, his return to the show will mark the return of the Best Friends Gang. We bet Jenna and Kenneth are screaming their pants off with joy already.

Speaking of pants, Grammer reveals this little detail about his appearance: “It’s the first time in history I pull a guy’s pants off.” Hmm, interesting. Any idea whose pants they are?

The Hollywood Reporter also has details on two other guest stars. Comedienne Kristen Schall, from The Daily Show and Flight of the Conchords, has booked a multiepisode arc on the NBC show. Details regarding her character haven’t been released, so prepare to be surprised.

And if you haven’t heard it yet, James Marsden (aka Cyclops from X-Men) has also been cast on 30 Rock. He’ll be appearing in six episodes, and there’s been speculation that he’s Liz Lemon’s next romantic interest. That’s not yet certain, but hey, it’s possible.

Marsden talked to The Huffington Post about his role without really revealing much. “I can’t tell you anything. I am doing a six-episode stint on the show, kind of like what Matt Damon did last year.”

Well, Matt Damon’s character, the pilot Carol Burnett, dated Liz. She could be looking for someone new as season 6 kicks off, right? And who else fits the bill?

Another star coming to 30 Rock is pro wrestler Mick Foley. According to his Twitter page, he just shot his scene and even got an on-screen kiss. From whom? We’ll find out soon enough.

Actress Denise Richards has also been spotted on the show’s set with 30 Rock‘s Tracy Morgan and Tina Fey. Check out behind-the-scenes photos from Socialite Life and this clip from Contact Music if you want a sneak peek.

Last but not least on our list: Entertainment Weekly reports that actress Mary Steenburgen will be portraying a character named Charlotte. Finally! Details! She’s the “highly spirited and attractive” mom of Avery, which of course means she’ll be clashing with Jack. 

NBC has yet to reveal 30 Rock‘s premiere date, but expect the gang to return early next year.

(Image courtesy of NBC)

Shosanna Moore

Staff Writer, BuddyTV