Zoe is trying to find that special guy with whom she can have a “Woody Allen and Diane Keaton moment”; Wade is dealing with an ex-wife who still wants him; Lavon and Lemon try friendship. Meanwhile, Bluebell is hosting its annual turtle racing contest. Yes, you read that correctly.

Passive Aggressive Romance

If there is one thing I know from film and television, it is that there is absolutely an age when it is expected of women to settle down and get married. Zoe’s mom feels the same way, sending her some passive aggressive news to find someone.

I hate this TV staple; Zoe’s a freaking doctor and she’s hot. She has, like, two given love interests in Wade and George — granted, if she knew that, it would be meta. My point is she’ll find someone.

And that someone, Zoe, is Dr. Jetson Lyons. Jensen? Judson? I’m pretty sure his name is Judson. He’s a veterinarian, a handsome one at that, who was impressed with her pig stitches and asks her on a date. Zoe hasn’t been on a date for eight years and was in a relationship for six. To prepare, she does the other stupid TV staple thing and makes flashcards for her date.

Meanwhile, Lemon and her Junior League (which as I understand it exists solely so TV can claim an organization to throw parties) are throwing a party for a “turtle derby event.” I’m not one to comment on fashion, but this is The CW, and her dress is so cute. George won’t go because he is afraid of reptiles; adorable! Specifically, turtles.

There’s Someone Out There Fo’ Everyone

And some people are already taken. Wade, for example, has been married for four years! Something to do with a shrimp boat in international waters (isn’t it always?). His soon-to-be ex-wife — Tancy, I believe — is a familiar actress, and I like what she brings out in Wade — a protective but not romantic side to him. Of course, Tance doesn’t like this because she kind of wants to get back together with him.

Note to writers: I get it, her name is Lemon — she should wear bright colors like lemon yellow. But do you have to put her in the most hideous yellow dress? Lemon pleads with Lavon to host the turtle derby, but Lavon wants to enter his turtle to win. Even though the head of the Junior League (is there a Senior League?) fixes the results.

Anywho, Zoe travels to go to the Woody Allen festival because she is from NEW YORK. As if that wasn’t clear enough, George also ends up at the festival a couple towns over because he lived there for a while too. That was contrived, writers, but I like the George-Zoe fling. Also, why do people on TV walk so slow? West Wing this pace!

Black Tie Turtle Derby

Oh, I guess the turtles’ pace in the race can be excused, since, you know, turtles. Lavon and Lemon are doing a great job at hosting this together and plot to remove the town’s figurative Queen from social power. Heh. But Lavon still loves Lemon, so their friendship isn’t working out.

After their movie (date), Zoe and George go to (continue their date at) dinner. Zoe admits to not loving her ex. Oh, she is so cold. I see what you did there writers. But Zoe and George have a connection here; I’m not sure if it stretches past New York, but it is there.

Wade is protective of his ex, but she sees this behavior as something else. So does her crazy redneck fiancé, Colt, who arrives with a … crossbow? Just as surprised as you, Zoe (but I assumed you also watched Buffy as a kid, so tsk, tsk). George uses his skills as a negotiator, but Colt throws the crossbow and it stabs George in the leg. “There is an arrow in my leg!” Oh, no duh, George.

By the way, I just started watching Friday Night Lights, which stars George Tucker’s portrayer Scott Porter. And funnily enough, both have their legs injured. Maybe he’s getting typecast or something.

Zoe cries about not being able to be with George, someone she has a real connection with. She watches Casablanca and bonds with Lavon, heartbroken about Lemon. Zoe tries to give Judson the veterinarian a chance. Why is it that on every female-driven doctor show I’ve seen, there’s a veterinarian love interest at one point? I don’t get. Is it like a television staple, or do doctors eventually date veterinarians?

Take 2: My Thoughts

I’m less than impressed by this show’s originality. A few weeks ago, I liked that this show really is not cynical about religion or love or any of that “New York” stuff. But I would like some originality with the storylines and I have issues with the general contrivances of each episode. I get that this is Everwood meets Gilmore Girls meets the South, but if it would only reach a little more I think this show could be a “don’t-miss” instead of an “oh, it’s on.”

Emily E. Steck
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Emily E. Steck

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