Thanks to the MVP twist of Big Brother 15, the nomination ceremony is even less important than usual. For three weeks in a row, none of the HoH’s original nominees have been evicted. In fact, only four of the 33 votes that have been cast have been for an original HoH nominee (and those were all against Elissa in week 2). Still, let’s see what Judd has decided.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Judd nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin.

Originally his plan was to go with Kaitlin and GinaMarie, but he got talked out of it by GinaMarie’s staunch refusal to be a willing pawn and by others (notably Amanda) telling him that Aaryn has a better chance of winning the Power of Veto than GM, thus giving Judd the opportunity to backdoor someone (presumably Howard, but maybe Elissa).

Nominating Aaryn certainly makes the MVP a lot more interesting this week. The rules have been changed so America is the MVP and will decide the third nominee, and since everyone assumed Aaryn would get all the votes, who will America pick now? Do people hate GinaMarie enough to vote for her, or are their bigger groundswells to get rid of Elissa or Amanda?

Everyone is operating under the assumption that Elissa will win the MVP and will do whatever the Goof Troop wants her to do (which might be confusing since Judd is HoH, but Amanda thinks she should get to make all of the decisions).

Judd, Amanda and McCrae are already suspicious of Elissa because she didn’t do what they wanted last week with the MVP. They fully expect Elissa to come to them and admit she’s the MVP this week, but when that doesn’t happen, then what?

My guess is that they’ll get paranoid and accost Elissa, bullying her into admitting that she’s the MVP. However, Elissa has proven herself to be the world’s worst liar, so when she continues to deny it adamantly, there are only two options. Either she’s telling the truth or she’s playing a masterful game of deception. No one in the house would ever give Elissa credit for the latter.

The real mystery is what happens when the third nomination is revealed. If it’s GinaMarie, do they assume Elissa was lying to them and is playing them, making them want her out? If it’s Amanda, will she go insane and attack Elissa? If it’s Elissa, I can’t even imagine what craziness will unfold (though I hope some people may assume she’s dumb enough to have nominated herself just to make people think she’s not the MVP anymore).

Now it comes down to the Power of Veto. If Aaryn or Kaitlin win, they will save themselves and Judd can backdoor someone. If the third nominee wins it, I’m not sure if the twist gets exposed and Judd makes the replacement pick, or if it just automatically goes to the person with the next highest number of votes.

Right now there are a bunch of possible outcomes. I’m guessing either Howard or Elissa will get backdoored, or Aaryn or Kaitlin will go home (I’d be truly shocked if anyone else is evicted Thursday).

The Aaryn vs. Kaitlin showdown could be the most compelling. Everyone agrees Aaryn is awful and can’t be trusted, but since she’s a loner who hasn’t done as well as Kaitlin in competitions, she’s also viewed as less of a threat. Elissa hates Aaryn and wants her gone while Andy has become BFFs with Kaitlin. Meanwhile, Jessie HATES Kaitlin, which Elissa (and I) believe is due to the fact that Jeremy chose Kaitlin over her.

The most intriguing conversation on Friday afternoon was when Helen, Candice and Jessie gathered to talk about the inevitable Amanda Problem, meaning they’re conspiring to possibly backdoor her without telling McCrae at some point in the future. So for them, the choice may be about which woman, Kaitlin or Aaryn, can better help them with that mission.

I promised Thursday night to eat crow, and I definitely am right now. I spoke too soon when I said this season was going to be dull and predictable. I just kind of assumed the intense level of gameplay would die down once Jeremy was gone and people would finally realize that there are still 13 people left in the house. But no, this entire season is in a heightened state of paranoia and everyone is just playing way too hard at all times. Those four boring days between Jeremy getting nominated and him getting evicted weren’t a foreboding sign of the dull days to come, they were the calm before the storm.

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