Journeyman creator Kevin Falls and star Kevin McKidd held a press conference this morning to discuss the upcoming NBC series Journeyman.  Amongst other things, they got into what the bones of Journeyman consist of, and revealed some plot centric material that may be surprising to some expectant fans.

The first question came from Soap Opera Daily and was directed, predictably, at the interpersonal aspects of the show.  Kevin Falls was quick to point out that the romantic dimensions of the show are in fact considered to be the core of the story.   Falls indicated that NBC’s promotional campaign that will roll out soon with put a laser beam on the interpersonal aspects of the show.

Falls explained later that the concept for Journeyman was originally pitched at ABC who turned it down without prejudice.  In the development process, Falls revealed that his lack of Science Fiction credentials forced him to shoot for a grounded approach to the story.  In the long run, this should mean that fans should expect a less science fiction driven approach.

Indeed, McKidd’s take on the plot is that it concerns people whose lives have gone awry and need a nudge back on the right track.

The most revealing part of the conference was when Kevin Falls was asked about the reemergence of the supernaturally enhanced archetypal hero.  Falls answered that he and co-creator Alex Graves do not believe in these extraordinary abilities, and is more focused on the human interpretation below the symbolism.  McKidd revealed that he is a huge Science Fiction fan, but by his estimation Dan Vassar, his character on Journeyman, is not necessarily a hero as much as someone who is afflicted with a power and must learn the proper way to use it to resolve each subplot.

As for the big question, will we ever find out why it is happening, Falls said the show will be from Vassar’s point of view.  Journeyman will not be looking to reveal why the time travel is taking place anytime soon.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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