The Nine Lives of Chloe King, premiering June 14 on ABC Family, is about a normal teenage girl who wakes up one morning to discover she has new found powers, and claws! Even more troublesome, there’s a man trying to hunt her down. After discovering she’s part of the ancient race, the Mai, she goes on a mission to not only save herself, but those like her as well.

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Looks like I’m on a mission too. This morning a package arrived for me with all sorts of clues I’m going to need your help with. Each discovery is sure to unlock fun videos and more leading up to the Nine Lives of Chloe King premiere. So let’s get to it!

I’ll start with the box. Inside I found:

A birth certificate: It’s in Russian so if anyone can read Russian, let me know! I’ve been instructed to keep it safe. As I travel down the Nine Paths I’ll learn more about it.

A pink baby bib: The meaning and origin will be revealed “when the time is right.”

1 pink infant shoe: Size 0 and the right foot, in case that matters, which it might.

1 circle charm with the numbers 6.14.2011: Yep, the premiere date! It’s also the symbol of my select group of Humans.

An Adoption Letter and envelope: It also holds secrets, but much of it has been crossed out with a black marker.

“Start Here” Note: It describes the Nine Paths Prophecy and the Circle of Strangers (which you can join, see below) It basically describes how the Mai destiny is now in my (and your) hands.

A MaiPad: The tool I’ll need to get through the journey, which brings us to the first task.

First Path: The Birth Certificate and a Map

I turned on the MaiPad, headed to the “Notes” section and followed the instructions. By turning the birth certificate over and folding the corners over I discovered a message that read:

Returning to the home screen on the MaiPad I found the personalized icon for the “Mai Map.” First Path complete! I leaned the city of Smila has an interesting history. I had to discover the meaning of “Smila,” which I did. It’s Ukrainian for brave girl.

The city in the Ukraine was actually named after a girl from a legend. As legend goes, during one of the Golden Horde raids a girl guided an army behind the invaders resulting in the defeat of the enemy, but also her death.  When the colony settled there they named the city in her honor.

The reward for successfully completing the first path?

The Uniter Scroll and a Charm for YOU!

ABC Family has a limited number of FREE Circle Charms available. To join the Circle of Strangers click here to claim yours now (while supplies last). Your code is: Circle. 

The scroll is said to hold valuable information that will help me in my journey:

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I’ll leave you with a video promo. Watch Chloe fight, die, come back to life, fight some more and flirt with boys. It’s what all the teenage girls are doing!

(Image and video courtesy of ABC Family)

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