Before Monday night’s Castle finale aired, we were all worried about which main character would die. Sure, all signs pointed towards Captain Montgomery biting the bullet, but we didn’t expect him to be so closely related to the death of Beckett’s mother.

But that wasn’t the biggest story of the night, was it? In a more cruel twist, Beckett is shot while delivering the eulogy at Montgomery’s funeral. Castle spots the sniper, but goes to save Beckett a split-second too late. All he’s left to do is ask her to hold on. Oh, and this:

“I love you. I love you, Kate.”

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And that, my friends, is a cliffhanger. It’s not just about Beckett being a casualty in that proverbial “rabbit hole” that is her mother’s murder: it’s the fact that Castle, after three years of dancing the fandango with his feelings, finally admits it. Question is, what happens next?

If there’s anyone out there with an answer or two, it’s Castle fans like you. And it was nice seeing you do the back-and-forth on our Castle page on Facebook — which is where we start. Question number one: was she shot?

Tim Rubel, via Facebook: “Who wants to bet she had a vest on?”

Jan Marie, via Facebook: “She got knocked down by the force of the bullet and hit her head.”

Beth Geslani Bacani, via Facebook: “I’m thinking the bullet hit her shield on the uniform.”

Georgette Coan, via Facebook: “Beth, I think you have something there with the bullet hitting the shield. Maybe she passed out from what Castle said? Good lord, if that hot piece of man said that to me, I’d pass the hell out also!”

Nancy Eddy, via Facebook: “I’m sure I saw blood on Castle’s hand…”

browncoat65: “If she were wearing a vest Castle would have known, and she wouldn’t be crying even before he said he loved her.”

Me, I’m convinced Beckett was indeed shot. I’m saying this because I watched “Knockdown” immediately after watching “Knockout.” Remember the scene when Beckett was dealing with Raglan’s death? Noticed the blood splatter in her clothes?


That must be foreshadowing, right?

Anyway, so let’s say Beckett was shot. Castle professes his love. She passes out. Fade to black. How will the two deal with all that when the fourth season kicks off? Cue your theories:

Number One: Beckett Survives, But It Gets Awkward

Castle did complain that they act as if that kiss (in “Knockdown”) and almost freezing to death (in “Countdown”) didn’t happen. Who’s to say it won’t happen again this time?

Nancy Eddy: “Thing is, I knew that Castle loved Beckett. It’s Beckett that I’m not sure about. She’s never really discussed her feelings for him the way he has with [Martha].”

Beth Geslani Bacani: “I’m sure it will be awkward, but at least Castle poured out his true feelings! It’s up to Kate now…”

Number Two: Beckett Survives, But Forgets Everything

Kalyn Jacobs, via Facebook: “The question is, though, when she wakes up, will she remember the words Castle said to her? Will she remember the relationship she has with Castle? Will she even remember Castle at all? I really hope she doesn’t suffer from memory loss and we go through a period where she doesn’t remember what [she] and Castle had.”

Stacia Leigh Marin, via Facebook: “My guess is she won’t even remember him saying it.”

I think Beckett getting her memory (selectively?) wiped a la Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind would be a cop-out.

Kalyn Jacobs: “It would be a way [of] extending the Caskett relationship out and kinda side-stepping the words that were said.”

Thing is, not all of you want Castle and Beckett to get together, at least not yet:

Amy Denton, via Facebook: “If [they] do get together, that will ruin a large part of the show for me … every show I’ve watched where the two characters get together (Moonlighting anyone?) wrecks the show.”

Number Three: Beckett Fakes Her Death, Much Like Bones

Now this a pretty complicated theory.

Juliana Silvestre, via Facebook: “They ‘got’ Lockwood but the man who ordered everything is still out there, and I believe Beckett will rise from the dust more fearless and sick for justice than ever … with Castle by her side, of course.”

Nic Roach, via Facebook: “My guess is that they’re faking her death so Lockwood doesn’t come after her. Perhaps she’ll go into witness protection … and of course, Castle has to join her.”

stephenwrightman: “If this was an assassination then a head shot would make more sense, eliminating the protection afforded by the vest, whether she was wearing one or not. I suspect, however, that there’s a more likely reason in the fact that Captain Montgomery did not hire the mercenaries, and that means there’s someone else calling the shots — and Beckett is trying to throw them off her trail by faking her own death…”

Katherine Houk, via Facebook: “I’m just not sure if Castle knew — either he didn’t and he’ll be pissed, or he was in on it and [was just] being an overdramatic actor, which they will awkwardly make fun of.”

If this sounds familiar, then yes, it’s because somebody did it before — remember when Booth faked his death in the third season of Bones? Ironically, Castle creator Andrew Marlowe recently commented about that show dragging the will-they-won’t-they thing too long. I don’t think he’s planning that for Castle. Although it’s possible — Montgomery did send some documents to someone before his death, and there’s some time between that and his funeral. Who knows what happened in between?

Number Four: Beckett Actually Dies

Nah, I don’t think they’ll do this. Remove Beckett from the picture, and you’re left with a completely different show (not to mention too much change between seasons). But, here’s a thought:

LandonBarnickle: “I know Beckett won’t die, but it’s interesting to think of this [as] a reverse Penny/Dr. Horrible event that causes Castle to turn from writer to avenger.”

I guess they can go on that route whether Beckett survives or not. But if she’s dead by then, will it be worth it? That’d be far too tragic.

What about you? What do you think will happen when Castle returns in the fall? Will Beckett survive? And will Castle survive? We’ve got lots of time to talk about this. Four months should be enough.

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