Jorja Fox left CSI last November, leaving fans with a promise that it wouldn’t be the last time they would see her character Sara Sidle.  For seven months now, the 39-year-old actress has savored the “break from the commitment of a weekly television series.”  Although not yet ready to do a new television show, she’s ready to hold up to the end of her bargain as she returns for the ninth season of CSI.

”It will be so hard to follow up CSI,” Fox told TV Guide.  “No matter what I do, it’s big shoes to fill.  If I’m going to do TV, then my loyalty and my heart belong to CSI.”

Warning: May contain spoilers.

It seems that Fox couldn’t stay away for long.  As reported previously, she’ll be returning in the premiere episode of the new season, which is probably the last time viewers will see the entire cast of CSI together.

“When I left in October, it was so decisive–everybody got me a goodbye cake.  It’s a surprise for me to be back, especially this soon,” Fox said.  “The kindest thing that the writers did for Sara Sidle was to walk her out in one piece. I had an amazing, beautiful, honorable, dignified exit.”

“When I heard I was returning, there were certain parts of last season that I felt Sara would be aware of,” she added.  “I watched as much [CSI] as I could.”

In addition to the first episode of the new season, Fox’s return will include the third episode, which she filmed during the last week of May.

“It involves an old friend of Sara’s who has to confront a [life or] death situation with his wife,” Fox explained.

To find out more about Jorja Fox’s return to CSI, grab a copy of the June 23-29 issue of TV Guide.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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