Good news for Prison Break fans! Recently, BuddyTV wrote about the possibility of the show returning for a fourth season. The story received an overwhelming number of responses in favor of bringing the show back to find out what happens to Michael outside the walls of Sona and Sucre trapped inside as a prisoner. 95% of the readers voted in our poll that they need a fourth season. They got their wish when TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello reported recently that it seemed certain the show was coming back. More details about the fourth season emerged recently surrounding the show’s upcoming shooting location.

Despite any official word of a fourth season, Prison Break is looking to move from its home in North Texas to Los Angeles to film. “The producers have an exciting idea for next season’s storylines, and unfortunately, it may require moving the series back to Los Angeles for creative reasons,” said Chris Alexander, a spokesperson for 20th Century Fox Television.

If the state of Texas has anything to say about it, Prison Break won’t be going anywhere. The show brought in an estimated $122.5 million to the economy in the Dallas area and a total of 35 episodes have been filmed there. “We haven’t given up on it,” said Janis Burkland, head of the Dallas Film Comission. “I’ve been calling producers and asking what can we do, if anything, to keep this here.”

Next season will surely focus more on life outside of Sona than in. Michael and Lincoln have parted ways. Michael heads out in search of The Company, and Susan, to make them pay for killing Sara. Lincoln looks to disappear with LJ, the son he has been estranged from for so long. Mahone is also free, so to speak, and has now teamed with The Company. We’ve still got Bellick, T-Bag, and Sucre in Sona but that may not be enough storyline to keep the show rooted in Texas.

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Fox Announces ‘Prison Break’ Will Return for Season 4

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: The Dallas Morning News, Pegasus News
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