Nothing out of the ordinary happened in last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City because everything that happened, we already know–from Bethenny’s big announcement to Jill’s upcoming book, Secrets of a Jewish Mother, which recently hit the shelves. Still, it was nice to see how everything played out from the housewives’ perspective. If you missed last night’s episode, check out the highlights after the jump.

Every Housewife Wants to Get Married…Again

Last season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki and husband Donn decided to renew their vows. This season on The Real Housewives of New York City, it’s Ramona’s turn. Though it’s nice to know that there are still couples who can survive a franchise like the Real Housewives, it’s funny to hear Ramona’s daughter Avery say “can’t I just watch?” when her mother asked her to be maid of honor.    

Every Housewife Loves to Gossip

New housewife Sonja has seemingly aligned herself with LuAnn and Kelly as she hangs out with them again this week to do more gossiping. All the single ladies go for a night out where they discuss about sex, relationships and marriage. Kelly appears to want more kids while Sonja can’t stop talking about her former fling Max, who just happens to be Kelly’s ex.

Every Housewife’s Confidant is Alex

Alex seems be everyone’s go to housewife these days. After all, she’s played the Switzerland card very well and has managed to be friends with everyone. She’s there when Bethenny needed someone to talk to regarding her problems with family and friends in last week’s episode so it’s only fitting that Bethenny chose to first confide in her about her engagement.

Every Housewife Loves to Walk Out

Walking out seems to be a temporary solution for the housewives of New York City because that’s what happens every time there’s tension in the room. Almost everyone on this show has done it and this week, it’s Jill who walks out at Kelly party because she’s apparently the last one to know about Bethenny’s engagement. It’s just unfortunate to know that when Jill decides to return to congratulate Bethenny, she’s already a little too late.  

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Kris De Leon

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