Apparently, Kate Gosselin was a big reason why Dancing with the Stars pulled ahead in the ratings. Sources say the show even posed a threat to American Idol, and that’s all because of the reality TV mom.

Relive Kate Gosselin’s Dancing with the Stars Elimination

Supporters and haters of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 star just had to tune in to watch her week after week, just to find out if she’s staying or going. It ended up being no surprise that when her fate was finally decided, ratings for Dancing with the Stars dropped significantly.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the recent installment of the competition, post-Kate, marked the lowest ratings for this spring. Among adults 18-49, the numbers decreased 10 percent from last week. It also went down 20 percent from the show’s prior average.

The loss of Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the Stars also meant missing out on the colleagues she bonded with on the show. The Jon and Kate Plus 8 mom apparently became friends with Evan Lysacek, who told E! Online about how much he misses her. Even the rest of the cast noticed Kate’s obvious absence.

“We all miss her for sure,” Lysacek said. “All you have to do is spend five minutes with her to know what a sweet person she is and how nurturing she is.”

He’s not the only one giving kind words to Kate Gosselin. Dancing‘s Louis van Amstel also apologized to the reality TV matriarch, after announcing that she “needs a psychologist.” Us Magazine caught up with him after a recent performance to hear him out.

“I want to apologize to Kate. I really do. She grew on all of us so much,” van Amstel declared. “What I was meaning to say is that dance is like therapy. It’s such a great way to use movement without having to talk about it — just move and go to a certain place. That’s what I said and that was what Kate needed.”

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Too bad it’s the other way around. Dancing with the Stars needs Kate right now, if they want to keep those ratings up. But we doubt she’ll return anyway; the show will just have to survive on its own, and it has, even without the reality TV mom.

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