Sure, you’ve probably seen this, but if you haven’t, it’s Michael Sheen chirping on about how shooting for New Moon has gone.  Yep, the guy that’s playing Aro in the Twilight sequel that’s hitting screens in November has become the unlikeliest person to turn to for updates regarding how the film is going.

And I actually like how it’s turned out.  I guess it’s me and my fascination for seeing how a shoot turns out, although I’ve been on one during my school years.  Or, how easy it feels when you read the tweets, but realize that it’s harder when you’re on them.

Filming’s been underway since late March, of course, but the Volturi only began shooting their scenes last week, and both the major stars composing that group of vampires–Sheen, as well as Dakota Fanning–have been spotted in Vancouver days before the shoot.  Filming began last Thursday, according to one of the tweets.

And it seems Sheen is pretty enthusiastic about this thing–that, and he’s able to be a little jovial.  “Met Stephenie [Meyer] yesterday on the set,” he wrote on Friday.  “She was charming and enthusiastic and very positive.  Keep forgetting how freaky I look with my red eyes.”

On his co-star Fanning: “I think [she] may look the most unsettling … so angelic yet so weird.  As Jane that is, of course.  Like an evil Red Riding Hood.”

On his character, Aro: “[I] have decided my Aro is a cross between the Blue Meanie, the Childcatcher and Nick Cave.  But with red eyes.”

And, perhaps, the littlest of things: there’s apparently a man on set whose “job title is Containment!” he surprisingly said.  He later tweeted: “I believe he stops anyone taking pictures on set and such like.”  So I guess you shouldn’t expect seeing any more on-set photos or videos for the foreseeable future.

With a November release date, things have gotten pretty hectic.  “No rest for the eternally wicked,” he posted, while talking about his half-day reprieve in Los Angeles before flying back north to Vancouver.  And perhaps rightfully so, if they intend to finish the film on time, which is a little feat considering how tight the schedule is.

Now, if either Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson were the ones tweeting… maybe you can follow us first beforehand.  Or, you can follow him here.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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