It’s been a month since CBS officially axed Jericho for a second and most likely final time.  After allowing it an experimental seven-episode second season, the network once again deemed it necessary to send the series to oblivion.

Although fans managed to undo Jericho‘s fate at the close of its maiden season via an onslaught of nuts hurled at the network powers-that-be, it doesn’t appear any such campaign could sway the CBS bigwigs a second time.  Nina Tassler, CBS entertainment president, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and made a reference to Jericho while addressing the question of another show’s fate.

The Hollywood Reporter pressed Ms. Tassler about the likelihood of Moonlight, whose own future remains in the balance, going the way of Jericho in the near future.

“One thing Moonlight has going for it is it wins its time period,” Tassler offered.  “Unlike Jericho, Moonlight is not serialized.  Moonlight was a presentation [rather than a pilot].  By the time the strike hit, we were still making certain discoveries and exploring new ideas and the show’s mythology.”

In a separate interview with iF Magazine late last month, producers Don Shotz and John Steinberg spoke about Jericho‘s brief and ultimately unsuccessful second season run.  Both of them agreed that despite its cancellation, Jericho will live on so long as people remember it.

“I think no one, the producers and studio included, want Jericho to just go away,” Don Shotz admitted.  “There is a built-in fan base.  We are so lucky to have the most dedicated fans in TV history, but if we are to continue, we have to be able to make Jericho the way our fans know and love.  It would be a crime to give them anything less,” referring to the various options they are examining to perpetuate the Jericho lore.  They also put the series’ unfortunate fate into perspective for its faithful followers.

I guess “cancelled twice” is a lot more than most shows can say for themselves, so we’ve got that going for us, which is nice,” John Steinberg said.

“No matter what happens with the future of the series, I am so proud of this family we have created,” Shotz added.  “The cast, writers, producers, crew and most importantly the fans have built something that will always be remembered, enjoyed and appreciated.  If this is it, I can live with that.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Hollywood Reporter, iF Magazine
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