Supernatural is going through another big shake-up behind-the-scenes at the end of its current season. Following in the footsteps of creator Eric Kripke, Deadline reports that co-showrunner Sera Gamble is stepping down and leaving the show to focus on developing new programs. If (or more likely when) Supernatural its renewed for season 8, former writer and executive producer Jeremy Carver will return to serve as co-showrunner with EP Robert Singer.
Gamble has been in charge since Kripke stepped down at the end of season 5, and while I admire some of her efforts, it’s safe to say that fans haven’t been as enthusiastic about the past two seasons as they were for the first five. Under Gamble’s reign, the show’s mythology and season-long story arcs became more convoluted and complex, dealing with Purgatory, an angel Civil War, a secret alliance between Castiel and the King of Hell, a wall in Sam’s head to prevent memories of Lucifer from destroying his mind and the arrival of the Leviathans.

Gamble’s replacement, Jeremy Carver, is no stranger to Supernatural. He started his career with the show in season 3 and left at the end of season 5 to pursue other programs. He and his wife, Anna Fricke, were in charge of the U.S. remake of Being Human on Syfy. Fricke will stay with that show as sole showrunner when Carver leaves for Supernatural.

Carver wrote some of the most memorable episodes of Supernatural. He was responsible for the Groundhog Day-esque “Mystery Spot,” the TV parody episode “Changing Channels,” “A Very Supernatural Christmas” and the show’s big 100th episode, “Point of No Return.”

In BuddyTV’s “Favorite Supernatural Writer” showdown, Carver is currently in third place, ahead of Gamble.

He was one of my favorite writers for the show and I remember being disappointed when he left, but his return for season 8 and new role as co-showrunner gives me faith that Supernatural can keep going strong into the future.

Source: Deadline
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