This week on the long-awaited return of Bones, it’s the episode we’ve all wanted to see — the little one is born, in true Bones fashion, all while there’s a case to be solved. Did you expect anything less?

Where to Give Birth?

Brennan and Booth take a tour of a hospital with other expectant parents. Brennan seems to have other ideas about where she wants to give birth. She strictly does NOT want to give birth in a hospital. It brought about a very amusing scene where Brennan was shining her light all around the facility, pointing out all the blood that was around. Of all people, Daisy — Daisy! — volunteers to to be there for Brennan during the labor process, as she’s becoming a certified doula (labor coach). “You are not getting anywhere near my cervix, Ms. Vick,” Brennan responds in probably one of the top 10, if not top five, quotes from the show.

But back to the place of giving birth. It becomes the parenting theme of the episode, and Booth even brings in Sweets to try and “manipulate” Brennan, which makes her even more mad. Booth should know Brennan better by now. He can’t really change her mind, but I understand why he’d want her in a hospital. With doctors.

Not Having a Baby In Prison

Brennan is still very much hard at work knowing she’s about to give birth any minute. Does she EVER take a rest? We wouldn’t expect anything less though, right? The latest case starts with an eyeball in a toilet that came up from the sewer. It leads to other fragmented body parts, and eventually to the identification of a man in prison. And what does Brennan do? She goes there, TO A FEDERAL PRISON, looking for a cookbook that had missing pages that connects to the killer. Despite Booth’s insistence to not go to prison in the first place, and then leave once she’s there, she’s determined to catch the guy.

After getting the call with the killer’s name, she goes into the prison cafeteria, calls out the guy’s name … and then chases after him! Well, it’s more like waddling. But, really? Booth is chasing after her, it’s mad chaos, I’m on the edge of my seat — so many big men in orange! This was the only scene in the entire episode where I was like, come ON! But Brennan’s logic was that no one would touch a soon-to-give-birth pregnant woman.

After a bunch of police guys come and take control of the situation, Brennan’s ready to run because she’s going into labor!

Away in a Manger…

The prison is miles away from the nearest hospital, and there isn’t time. Brennan forces Booth to pull over — where there’s an inn with a rather frustrating fellow who won’t give a room due to some big wine event. When Brennan says she’s about to squat and give birth right in front of the inn (hilarious), the man offers a room behind the inn.

… And it’s a barn. Yes, Brennan is giving birth in a barn, complete with a horse right next to them.

Classic Bones. While I was slightly cringing throughout the whole process, I thought it was filmed really well. It was just Brennan and Booth … and their baby. Aww.

Welcome, Stapes!

When Booth and Brennan make it home, they’re surprised by the rest of the gang, complete with champagne (since Brennan can drink now), diapers and towels (for spit-ups). As for the name? Don’t worry, I cringed a little, as did Booth, but it’s just the crew being cute — Stapes is the smallest bone in the human body.

Booth and Brennan announce they’ve named the baby after Brennan’s mother: Christine. Christine Angela.

Cut camera to Angela and Hodgins, cue the slow, sweet music, and that’s me tearing up as the girl is passed around, and Booth and Brennan are watching a few feet away — blood on Booth’s shirt and all.

Moving Forward

I’ve really liked how the characters have remained true to themselves while moving forward together in their relationship. Through the journey of becoming expectant parents, Brennan and Booth have tackled many heavy topics that any set of parents go through. But they do it the way only these two would — through little arguments, honesty and best of all, humor.

Remember how one day Brennan and Booth were friends, and next they were in a relationship and we, as viewers, missed everything in between? That hardly seems relevant anymore, as where the couple is now feels really natural.

And I’m sure raising baby will bring about even more growth in the characters and the show. I can’t wait! 

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