We’re now only a week away from the return of Glee! And the news drought is coming to an end as news and spoilers from the remaining season 3 episodes are beginning to surface. There’s even more details on Matt Bomer‘s episode, including what songs will be featured, the news that Jonathan Groff is returning to Glee, as well as upcoming episode titles.

Even More on Matt Bomer‘s Episode

In last week’s Glee News Round-Up, we brought to you a very short and vague synopsis from the next all-new episode, “Big Brother,” airing next Tuesday, the episode featuring guest star Matt Bomer as Blaine’s brother, Cooper Anderson. Now FOX has released a new, detailed synopsis:

“When Blaine’s narcissistic older brother (and television commercial star) Cooper returns to Lima from Hollywood, Sue will enlist the local celebrity’s help in improving New Direction’s acting technique. While Cooper’s presence is welcome by some, it forces Blaine to address the brothers’ ongoing sibling rivalry. As Quinn tries to be optimistic in the wake of her accident, Artie offers support tempered with a much-needed (albeit unwanted) dose of reality. Meanwhile, Sue gets medical news that forces a change in her behavior, and Puck makes Finn a business proposal that could derail his future plans with Rachel.”

We’ve heard that this episode will also feature Senior Ditch Day, where New Directions will visit an amusement park. This looks like it’ll be a jam-packed episode. Why is Sue helping New Directions here? And what could her “medical news” be? Does it have to do with her pregnancy? A miscarriage, maybe? Also, this “business proposal” with Puck and Finn seems a little fishy to me.

Now that we know the storylines in “Big Brother,” it seems fitting to also know which songs will be featured. Here they are: “Fighter,” a “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Rio” mash-up, “Somebody That I Used to Know,” “I’m Still Standing,” and “Up Up Up.” We reported weeks ago on the Duran Duran mash-up, which we know will be performed by the Anderson brothers. Speaking of which, with the tension between the brothers, I’m betting that Blaine performs “Somebody That I Used to Know,” in a reference to Cooper. And “I’m Still Standing” seems like a fitting song for Quinn after her accident.

Saturday Night Fever, Anyone?

If this isn’t enough for you, let’s move past episode 15 and on to episode 16. This is the much-anticipated Saturday Night Fever tribute episode, called “Saturday Night Glee-ver.” We only have a vague, one sentence preview at the moment, like we did before with “Big Brother”: “The New Directions pay homage to the movie Saturday Night Fever by grooving to disco-infused dance numbers in the all-new ‘Saturday Night Glee-ver’ episode of Glee airing Tuesday, April 17 (8-9pm) on FOX.”

Is Jonathan Groff Making a Return?

Talk is beginning to build about a certain former Glee Club rival’s return to Glee. Attached to the above synopsis for “Saturday Night Glee-ver” is a list of the cast and guest cast. Included under guest cast is Jonathan Groff as Jesse St. James. You may be saying, did I read that right? The return of Jesse? Yes, indeed.

Jonathan Groff has confirmed that he will be guest starring. “Yes, I just finished filming a new episode.” His schedule is a little difficult at the moment, as he’s in Chicago filming the new Starz show, Boss. But when he has some available moments, he will “be going back and forth to shoot more.” This almost sounds like he could return in multiple episodes.

What About the Whitney Tribute and Prom?

Beyond “Saturday Night Glee-ver,” not that much is known, though we know the show has a lot to get through: the Whitney Houston tribute, Kurt and Rachel auditioning for NYADA, prom, graduation and Nationals. (Did I miss anything?) The only thing confirmed at this point is two episode titles. Episode 17 is called “Dance with Somebody.” This is part of a Whitney Houston song title, so now we know when that tribute will air. Episode 18 is called “Choke.” What could that mean? And while not confirmed, there are whispers around the web that episode 19 is called “Prom-a-saurus.” A prehistoric prom theme? Interesting.

As mentioned, the remaining episodes will be jam-packed. There’s so much to get through before the season is out. Now that we know more on Matt Bomer‘s episode, are you even more excited to see him and Darren Criss together? And what about Jonathan Groff coming back as Jesse St. James — what could possibly warrant his return?

Glee returns April 10 at 8pm on FOX.

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