This past weekend in Chicago, Creation Entertainment held the second annual Salute to Supernatural convention, allowing fans to see their favorite stars from the CW series.  Aside from Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, the special event also featured actors Gabriel Tigerman (Andy from season 2’s “Simon Said”), Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester), Chad Lindberg (Ash), Charles M. Whitfield (Agent Henricksen) and Richard Speight, Jr. (Trickster).

The CW Source reported all the exciting details from the convention, which was attended by thousands of fans from all around the country.  Read on to see what Jensen and Jared had to say about the future of Supernatural, and what life is like now that they live together.

Both Jensen and Jared held separate Q&A sessions during the event, then teamed up to answer some questions together.  Here are the highlights from all the various panels:

•  Jared revealed that laughter can sometimes be a big problem on the set.  He admitted that there were better versions of Dean’s girlie scream in “Yellow Fever,” but he was cracking up so much that they couldn’t be used in the episode.

•  Jensen revealed that Eric Kripke actually planned to make season 4 the final year of Supernatural. Luckily for fans, the show has been doing so well in the ratings this season that he changed his mind.

•  Jared mentioned that he worries whenever he sees a script written by Sera Gamble.  “It usually means I’m getting naked, crying, or getting naked AND crying,” he joked.

•  Jensen’s favorite kind of cake?  “Chocolate on chocolate.  With chocolate in it, and then chocolate sprinkles on top.  With a big dish of chocolate on the side.”

•  Jared initially wanted to get into acting because a girl he had a crush on was obsessed with Home Improvement‘s Jonathan Taylor Thomas.  Jared was later excited to run into JTT on an audition and learn that he towers over him.

•  When asked about his least favorite episode, Jensen admitted that he likes every episode for different reasons.  He jokingly added that he only had a problem with this season’s “In the Beginning,” because he had to work for an entire week while Jared jetted off to Hawaii.

•  An exec from the CW was greatly disturbed by the teddy bear suicide scene in “Wishful Thinking” and wanted it cut from the episode.  Jensen’s reaction: “Have you WATCHED the show?  We have people’s eyes bleeding and guts ripped out, and you’re worried about teddy bear stuffing on the wall?”

•  Jared said that he’s happy Sam isn’t getting strangled as much this season, as it’s hard for him to record dialogue when he’s wheezing and lightheaded.

•  When asked what career he’d have if he wasn’t an actor, Jensen said he’d either be a fisherman, a pro athlete or a male stripper.  “There’s a career in there somewhere,” he said.

•  All the guns on the show are loaded with blanks, but that doesn’t stop the boys from unexpectedly shooting each other in the back.  “That’s what Texas guys do when they’re bored,” Jensen joked.

•  When Jared was alone on stage, he made a big show about rubbing the microphone under his nose and in his armpits.  He then tried to give it to Jensen when he came on stage, but he was too smart to take the mic.  “He knows!” Jared said.  “I don’t, I just trust me instincts,” Jensen replied.

•  What type of monster would the boys like to see the Winchesters face?  Jensen: “Nessie.  Done.”  Jared: “Any sort of demon or ghost who haunts Hawaii.”

•  Neither of the boys have any tattoos, which is something they’re thankful for.  Jensen revealed that Jamie King, his co-star in My Bloody Valentine 3-D, had to spend nearly three extra hours in makeup to have her nine tattoos covered up.  “I’d rather sleep,” he said.

•  Now that the guys live together, who takes the longest to get ready in the morning?  Jensen: “I’m going to write a book and call it Waiting on Jared.”  Jared replied: “I have my dogs that I have to let out, it’s my house that I have to lock up, I work out in the morning…”  Jensen cut him off, saying, “And I’m waiting in the car.  Jared is the girl.”

Below you’ll find two videos of the Jensen and Jared panel, courtesy of YouTube user cloudyvisions.  You can find many more clips from the event by visiting her profile here.

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Source: CW Source, cloudyvisions
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