It doesn’t matter if you missed One Tree Hill last week, because tonight’s dream episode is transporting us back to the 1940s!  Send that mook that’s been rattling your cage out on the streets with a bindle, then sit down with your favorite dame and prepare for an episode unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  This moving picture was dreamed up by that brilliant wiseacre Chad Michael Murray, and it’s sure to rock your socks more than a speakeasy on a Sunday.  The hep cats in the audience are bound to dig this jazzy trip, but the squares will probably flap their lips until things return to normal next week.

One Tree Hill: Episode 6.11

Now that I’ve got the old-timey slang out of my system, let’s jump into tonight’s very special One Tree Hill.

While Lucas works on his script and watches Casablanca, he imagines what life must have been like back in 1941.  He dreams of old-timey Tree Hill, and in this universe he runs the swinging dance spot known as Karen’s Cafe.  Mouth (Lee Norris) is a hard drinking reporter, Brooke is a heavily made up femme fatale, Skills is the cafe’s piano player, Nathan is the bartender, Haley is a singer and Dan is an evil mobster.  He saved Haley from a traveling sideshow and demands she do whatever he ask, but she can’t stand the way he treats her.

Lucas makes the rounds at the cafe, flirting with Brooke and chatting with Nathan (James Lafferty) about his last days as a bartender.  It looks like Nathan’s going off to war, which means he might end up paralyzed, bearded and addicted to scotch once again.  The nervous bartender also has a major crush on Haley, but doesn’t think she’d ever be interested in a nobody like him.

Dan (Paul Johansson) walks into the cafe with Peyton on his arm and Julian acting as his muscle.  I absolutely love that Dan is a shady gangster with an evil mustache in this alternate One Tree Hill universe.  It seems that Brooke owes Dan some money, and if she doesn’t pay up soon he’s going to make her pretty face just a little less pretty.  Lucas tries to kick the scumbag to the streets, but Dan just wants to ramble about his old fling with Karen, as well as Keith’s horrible accident.  He only flees the scene when Officer Owen shows up wearing a menacing scowl.

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