Supernatural fans are used to dealing with stressful, mind-blowing cliffhangers, and they’ll soon have to handle another one.  After this Thursday’s episode, ominously titled “Heaven and Hell,” Supernatural will disappear for several weeks before returning with new episodes January 15.  The series will likely leave the Winchesters in some sort of terrible peril, meaning fans can look forward to a more torturous holiday season than usual.

Now that filming is about to begin on the second half of the season, interesting information is coming out about future episodes.  The latest bit of news involves the casting of the teenage version of Dean Winchester. is reporting that actor Brock Kelly will play teen Dean in an episode that flashes back to the brothers’ high school years.

The flashback episode of Supernatural, fittingly titled “After School Special,” is scheduled to air January 29.  The installment will show a young Sam worrying about attending a new school after he and his brother are uprooted yet again due to John’s demon-hunting ways.  After Sam gets picked on by some bullies, it’s up to Dean to watch his younger brother’s back.  It’ll be a rare opportunity for fans to see what the Winchesters were like before they became kick-ass monster slayers.

While Kelly tackles the role of Dean Winchester for the first time, the younger version of Sam will be played by actor Colin Ford, who also portrayed little Sammy in season 3’s “A Very Supernatural Christmas.”  There’s no word on why Ridge Canipe, who played young Dean in that episode, isn’t returning, but it’s possible he wasn’t available or didn’t seem old enough for this version of the character.

The folks at Supernatural usually do an excellent job when casting guest actors, so I have faith that Kelly will successfully channel Jensen Ackles.  His previous credits include stints on Days of Our Lives and Viva Laughlin, though Supernatural fans will undoubtedly remember him as Dreamy Teen Dean for many years to come.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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