Last season Supernatural star Jensen Ackles made his directorial debut with the season’s fourth episode, “Weekend at Bobby’s,” and it went so well he’s doing it again.

For Supernatural‘s upcoming season 7, Ackles will go behind the camera for the second time, directing the third episode which will air October 7. As was the case last season, the episode will actually be the first one filmed when the show starts production in the beginning of July so he doesn’t have to worry too much about splitting focus between directing and acting.

Where did this news originate from? How about Jared Padalecki, whose new Twitter account is proving to be a valuable source of Supernatural info. Not only did he tweet about getting the first two scripts, but, in a post dental surgery haze, he offered to send the script to the first person who sent him a working fax number. And guess what? He did.

Well, sort of. Padalecki faxed out the cover page of the script (with the title blacked out, sadly), but it was enough for us to see that Jensen Ackles will direct and that it’s written by Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin, the same pair who wrote the Ackles-directed “Weekend at Bobby’s” as well as the fantastic Western episode “Frontierland.” Check out a photo of the script tweeted by the lucky fan.

spnscripts7.jpgIt’s still unknown what the episode will focus on, but if it’s anything like the first Jensen-directed episode, it will be very light on Dean. On the bright side, if this is the kind of stuff Jared Padalecki will be tweeting all season long, he’s certainly worth following.

(Image courtesy of the CW)

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