On the Oxygen reality series The Glee Project (Sundays at 9pm), the winner will receive a seven-episode guest role on the hit FOX series Glee. Every Monday I’ll try to help the writers out by giving my two cents about what role one of the breakout stars of The Glee Project should play.

The winner in week 2 is Alex, the openly gay guy with a high-pitched voice that could rival Chris Colfer. He definitely stands out in a crowd and has theatricality, but how would he fit into the world of Glee?

Role: Taleggio Jones, Azimio’s cousin from Texas. Taleggio is openly gay and very confident in who he is, much like Kurt, but he’s also big and powerful, not afraid to get in someone’s face. He’s kind of like a black teenage version of Cameron from Modern Family.

Storylines: Taleggio comes to school and becomes an instant star, taking charge of everything and getting everyone’s attention. The football players try to bully him, but he’s one tough cookie and intimidates them into throwing their slushies on themselves instead. Mercedes takes an instant liking to him and the two become fast friends, making Kurt jealous that he’s not only losing his best friend, but also the spotlight. Kurt begins a campaign to destroy Taleggio because he doesn’t want someone else stealing his “boys singing girls’ songs” thing, but eventually when one prank goes too far, Kurt realizes that he’s now become the bully and learns to accept Taleggio as a great friend.

In a secondary storyline, Taleggio joins the football team and is an intimidating, unstoppable force. By proving that you can kick butt and be gay, Taleggio inspires Karofsky to finally come out of the closet, which helps to fuel Kurt’s jealousy since Taleggio does what he couldn’t.

Finally, in a recurring joke, Brittany thinks Taleggio and Azimio are the same person, causing much hilarious confusion.

Song: “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston, sung to Mercedes after Kurt manipulates and intimidates him into ending his friendship with her.

What role do you think Alex should play if he wins The Glee Project?

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