Now that season four of Chuck has come to an end, fans of the series are raving about what might come next. Until the fifth installment of the show airs though, we’re better off looking back on our favorites from the past. 

We asked Chuck fans over at our Facebook fan page about their picks for the best of the series. There were a lot of enthusiastic responses, as you can see from the list below.

Our first question: Out of all the guest stars you’ve seen on the show, who’s the best one? Contenders for the title included Kristin Kreuk, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Scott Bakula, Timothy Dalton, Summer Glau and Rachel Bilson. 

Majority of the votes went to Scott Bakula, and who could forget him? Despite his character’s death in season 3, he was still a major presence in season 4. There’s also a chance he’ll return too, because Chuck has a knack for doing the impossible.

The next category for our Chuck Fan Favorite Awards is the Best Plot Twist for season 4. Here’s what fans voted for:

Josh DeWitt: The ending, when Morgan got the Intersect.

Doretta Perna: “Guys, I know kung fu!” and of course, any of the Casey/Morgan scenes.

Kyle Wilson: When the murderer was always the Greek guy that looked like a terrorist.

MikeL Nguyen: Morgan getting the Intersect. I guess they’re gonna call the show “Morgan” now. Lol.

Melany Rosaroso: That Tuttle was Volkoff who was really Winterbottom. Love Timothy Dalton in S4.

Looks like we have a winner! Four more fans agreed that Morgan’s attainment of the Intersect was the best plot twist, but it didn’t bag the win for our third question:

What’s the best moment of season 4 so far?

Justin Blow: “Guys, I know kung fu!” Best line!

Daniel Stefanic: The very end of season 4. I love Sarah! I hope she survives!

Jeff West: The billion dollars, and the Russians parachuting in.

Abdul Ariff Abdul Karim: When Casey said: “The mother I never had…”

Rbka Pm: The wedding! It was just perfect!

Doretta Perna: So this was the highlight of my day. I took my kids out to dinner — my son was wearing his Nerd Herd shirt. Some server stopped to say that he was the most awesome diner in the place because of his shirt. I had the best conversation with him about the most awesome show on TV. We both agreed that the best line of the finale was, again, “Hey guys, I know kung fu!” Can’t wait for Fridays in the fall!

Megan Schammert: Chuck and Morgan singing the “Imperial March” to psyche Morgan up to be a bad guy! (Then they actually got to have it played on the soundtrack! Awesome!)

Julien Fober: That is a very difficult question! So many great moments! The “Imperial March” is awesome but my favorite moment was the one in the bank in Macau, when Sarah and Chuck robbed it! (Don’t be a hero!)

Kayla Merrill: The wedding. It was awesome!

Granted, there were too many great moments on Chuck this season and it’s difficult to choose. Maybe we should leave it to you guys to break this three-way tie!  

Our last category for this season’s Fan Favorite Awards is Best Episode, and it came down to two: “Chuck vs. Phase Three” and Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger.” Between them, there can only be one winner: the finale! It opens up so many possibilities for next season and wraps up a lot of what transpired before. 

So that’s it for our Chuck Fan Favorite Awards! For more on the show, drop by our Facebook fan page. 

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Shosanna Moore

Staff Writer, BuddyTV