In this episode of iZombie, titled “My Really Fair Lady,” Liv uses her theatre brain to rescue some smuggled humans, Clive sets his sights on a new lady, and Ravi becomes a heroin addict to impress Peyton. Sound a little confusing? Let’s set a few things straight.

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In the backstage chaos of a community theatre, we meet Nellie (special guest star Rachel Bloom from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend). Nellie is busy arguing on the phone over her decision to modify the characters in Rent from having the AIDS virus to having the zombie virus. The troupe performs a show-stopping zombified rendition of “Seasons of Love” which is met with great applause — from the four people in the audience.

A Missing Dog

Over at the Mayor’s office, Peyton is still dealing with the aftermath of the fatal bus crash. A mother who lost her husband in the crash is looking for a dog that he may have had with him. She pleads for any information so that her 5-year-old son will not have to mourn his father and his dog. Peyton agrees to find out all she can.

You Ain’t Mama

After Mama Leoni’s (aka Renegade) public execution, Liv had vowed to continue her work in the Underground. Levon, filming a documentary about their underground railway, brings Liv to meet the remaining members of Renegade’s mission. Though she is confident, they are reluctant to support her and inform her that the business is more than just scratching sick humans to make them zombies. It’s a network; you have to know and trust the right people for the job.

Asking for a Friend

Peyton goes to the morgue to ask Liv to eat the brains of the dad with the missing dog in order to find out where the dog may be. Ravi advises against eating those particular brains since the deceased was, in fact, a heroin addict. Instead, Liv eats the brains of our actress, Nellie. These brains cause an entertaining commotion during the precinct’s sexual harassment seminar but end up saving the day!

Time of the Month

Major notices behavioral changes in Ravi, which indicates that his “time of the month” is upon them. Ravi gets the bright idea to eat the dead junkie brain so that he can find the missing dog and save Peyton’s day. The problem is that Ravi begins to show signs of withdrawal, and Major calls Peyton to come talk him down. But when she arrives, they find that Ravi sneaked out of his room.

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Ravi and Peyton Sitting in a Tree

Ravi roughs up Don E. while looking for some smack, and Don E. drags him back to Blaine, who calls Peyton, who takes Ravi back home. It’s a whole thing. Ultimately, after watching every dog movie he can think of, Ravi has a vision. Peyton finds and returns the dog, and then they kiss. Don’t worry — his zombie symptoms have already subsided.

Liv Saves the Day

Not everyone has gotten the message to stop smuggling humans into Seattle. To save five humans trapped in a shipyard, Liv uses her new theatrical knowledge and some stolen “costumes” to sneak their way in and smuggle the humans back out. Once all are safe, Liv scratches them and, in doing so, saves their lives. Her actions and success gain Liv the approval and trust of Mama Leoni’s old crew.

Impossible Choices

Levon visits Liv in the morgue and gives her a flash drive full of potential scratch candidates. He informs her that due to their current resources, she can only choose three candidates to smuggle. Before he leaves, he refers to her as “Renegade.” As our new Renegade browses the candidates, she becomes confronted with the harsh reality that they all need saving, but it is her impossible responsibility to choose only three.

Braindrops Falling on My Head

Of course, we can’t leave out the family drama. Blaine, still unaware that his father is no longer trapped, tosses brain bits down the well. He gets an urgent call that there are churchgoers holding a sit-in protest at Romero’s. He rushes to the restaurant with Don E. to find none other than Angus sitting in a last supper-style manner. He is shocked, confused and angry. Angus cuts a deal that the church patrons will be provided with one free meal a week from Romero’s. After threatening to kill Angus, Blaine leaves, disgruntled, and with a plotting look in his eye.

What sort of plan will Blaine cook up now? Does this kiss between Peyton and Ravi mean that they’re officially back on? And how long can Liv keep her fugitive lifestyle a secret from Clive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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