Most of Supernatural‘s “The Thing” was devoted to Sam and Dean meeting, then fighting, a tentacle monster from an alternate dimension. The other third of the episode, however, was devoted to exploring the rocky working relationship between Asmodeus and Ketch. Ketch finally realized his connection with Asmodeus wasn’t the partnership he hoped for. Ketch betrayed the Lord of Hell, bringing Gabriel to the Winchesters’ doorstep. Sam and Dean accepted Ketch’s gift and Dean allowed Ketch to accompany him to the Apocalypse World. Hopefully, though, this isn’t a start of a new and awkward friendship.

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The New Life of Ketch 

Since Crowley’s death, Sam, Dean (and Supernatural) have been in the market for an uneasy ally. Crowley was infinitely entertaining, but also served a unique position on Supernatural. Crowley could exist in a state of limbo — sometimes helping Sam and Dean, sometimes working against them, but always fun to watch. 

Ketch’s betrayal of Asmodeus and trip with Dean could jumpstart Ketch falling into Crowley’s role. Before Crowley became so beloved by the fandom, he was about as horrible and mean as Ketch. It’s not unthinkable. Crowley was a literal demon and Ketch, while murderous and a possible sociopath, is just a man. Supernatural could easily attempt to redeem Ketch, in the way that they did Crowley, but keep up the edge of his character. Or, at the very least, the show could keep Sam and Dean’s mistrust of Ketch intact. 

There is something entertaining about Ketch interacting with the brothers, especially Dean. Ketch’s dry wit and Dean’s absolute hatred of him has produced some surprisingly humorous moments. It makes sense why Supernatural bent over backwards to bring Ketch back to life, given the actor’s chemistry with the rest of the cast. Still, Supernatural should resist the impulse to make Ketch one of the team. The character is much better used as a straight villain. 

Doubling Down on Murder

Making Ketch into a new ally would be the easiest way to keep him around. However, that’s exactly why Supernatural should avoid it. There’s something much more exciting about Ketch being bad and staying bad. There’s nothing really that dynamic about Ketch learning the error of his ways and seeing that the Winchesters have a point. It is, however, exciting to have Ketch be around and still have him be just as bloodthirsty and violent as ever. If Ketch is toeing the line, that’s pretty boring. Yet if he’s around and a wild card, things are infinitely more exciting.

Supernatural shouldn’t cut off all interaction with Ketch and the brothers. There must be a reason that Ketch was brought back to life and it shouldn’t be so the audience can watch him on his own adventures. Ketch’s moments with Sam and Dean should stay antagonistic and full of tension. Ketch putting his tail between his legs and doing what Sam and Dean say just wouldn’t fit his character. Ketch is a miserable, violent cockroach who always puts himself first and he should be allowed to stay that way. 

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The only reason that Ketch started working with the Winchesters in “The Thing” or went with Dean to Apocalypse World was out of fear of Asmodeus. This kind of selfishness and self-preservation should be the motivating drive for Ketch. Not, as hinted earlier in the season, that Ketch wants to change his ways and be accepted by Sam and Dean. 

The slow process from demon to friend worked with Crowley, Meg and a couple other Supernatural characters. Ketch is human, with a soul, and thereby much more capable of change than some of the other redeemed Supernatural characters. But Ketch doesn’t need changing because he’s fine and entertaining as he is being a bordeline sociopath. There’s no need to mess with a winning formula. 

But what do you think? Where is Ketch’s story heading? Do you think he will become a friend to Sam and Dean? Should he stay a villain? What do you think would be the best use for the character? 

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