In the sixteenth episode of season 7 of Once Upon a Time, titled “Breadcrumbs,” Henry turns to Wish-Hook for help in finding his own story and they embark on an adventure together. Meanwhile, in present-day Hyperion Heights, Margot (aka Robin) confides in Tilly (aka Alice), Henry is faced with the prospect of leaving town for a new job opportunity, and there is a major revelation in the Candy Killer case. (As before, if a character is awake, I will refer to them by their real name or put their cursed name in quotation marks.)

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Henry Sets Out On an Adventure

As the episode begins, we flashback to Henry’s time in the Enchanted Forest 2.0. Henry, Wish-Hook, and Ella are on a quest to slay a dragon that has been harassing nearby villages. Henry is very excited to slay the dragon, but when they enter the dragon’s cave, they learn it fled weeks ago. Henry shares his disappointment with Wish-Hook. He came to the Enchanted Forest 2.0 searching for his story because he refused to believe he was just a character in someone else’s tale. Henry is the grandson of Snow White and Prince Charming, but he wonders if he has anything to offer Ella. Henry tells Wish-Hook that he wants to propose to Ella, but he wants to do it with a ring that has a great story behind it. Luckily, Wish-Hook knows where Henry can get the perfect ring for Ella and it will take him on a great adventure.

Said adventure apparently starts by heading to a nearby tavern. Wish-Hook explains that their quest is to find Davey Jones’ locker, something every pirate has searched for in the past. Wish-Hook happens to have a map to said treasure and he’s willing to give it to Henry. Alas, they need the Jolly Roger to embark on this adventure and it is currently being captained by Blackbeard. Wish-Hook tells Henry that they will have to sneak aboard the ship and take control of it from Blackbeard.

Of course, that plan does not go well and they end up being captured by Blackbeard. Blackbeard takes the map and intends to find the locker himself. Once he does, he says he’ll kill Wish-Hook and Henry. Alas, after Henry and Wish-Hook get the best of Blackbeard and his crew, Henry realizes the whole thing was a set-up. Apparently, Wish-Hook made a deal with Blackbeard to give Henry a fake adventure so Henry would feel better about himself. Henry is upset by Wish-Hook’s deception, but before they can talk it out, their fake adventure turns real. While at sea, a terrible storm comes out of nowhere and the men must work together to get the ship and it’s crew to safety.

No matter what Wish-Hook does, he cannot manage to sail the ship out of the storm. Since it appears the end is near, the men clear the air and Henry forgives Wish-Hook for his deception. Of course, Henry then realizes that there is something suspicious about this storm and he theorizes that it was caused by magic. Henry tells Wish-Hook to sail the ship into the storm instead of away from it.

Wish-Hook does as Henry says, and Henry throws the treasure they stole from the locker into the heart of the storm. Henry’s theory was correct, and the storm magically disappears as quickly as it appeared. Once they are safe, Henry tells Wish-Hook that he learned an important lesson from this adventure. Henry says he no longer needs to find a great story because all he wants is a great life with the people he loves, namely Ella.

To that end, Henry takes Ella to a beautiful-but-unremarkable lake where he proposes. Henry says that he cannot offer Ella a legendary story, but he can offer her his heart. Henry’s heart is more than enough for Ella, and she happily accepts his proposal. (I cannot wait for these two to be reunited once the curse breaks. The Henry/Jacinda romance is fine, but I prefer their past love story in the Enchanted Forest 2.0, and I’m looking forward to seeing that version of them together again.)

Henry Gets An Enticing Offer

In present-day Hyperion Heights, Henry stops by the bar to see “Roni”/Regina, but she isn’t there. Instead, he runs into “Nick”/Jack/Hansel). Nick tells Henry that a potential client of his got away from him last night — he is clearly referring to Drizella escaping to another realm — but Nick believes he will find another client. Like Henry, Nick says he believes in signs. Just then, Henry gets a sign of his own in the form of a call that could change his life.

Across town, “Weaver”/Rumple and Rogers (aka Wish-Hook) are searching the most recent crime scene for clues. Rogers is relieved that “Ivy”/Drizella left town before the killer could make another attempt on her life, but Rumple knows the next victim won’t be that lucky. After Rogers leaves, Rumple discovers an important clue.

Later, Henry stops by to see Jacinda (aka Ella). He tells her about the call he received. It was from a big-time podcast producer. They love his podcast and want to offer him a job. Alas, said job will take him away from Hyperion Heights. If he gets the job, he’ll have to move to New York. Henry is clearly hoping that Jacinda will talk him out of going to New York for the interview, but she does just the opposite. Despite her obvious desire for Henry to stay in town, Jacinda encourages him to go after this career opportunity.

Later, Jacinda stops by the food truck to talk to Sabine (aka Tiana). Jacinda tells Sabine about what happened with Henry, and Sabine encourages Jacinda to call Henry and talk him out of leaving town.

While Henry is packing for his trip to New York, “Weaver”/Rumple stops by. It turns out that the clue he discovered at the crime scene was Henry’s book. The killer is apparently a fan of Henry’s work, and “Weaver” wants Henry to figure out what kind of inspiration the killer took from Henry’s story. Eventually, Henry realizes that the killer thinks he or she is a character in the book. “Weaver” says they just need to figure out which character the killer identifies as.

Once Rogers joins the investigative party, Henry finds a chapter in the book in which the killer made notes to “correct” the story. This chapter just happens to be the one on Hansel and Gretel, so Henry figures out that the killer believes he is Hansel. According to the killer, Gretel died, and he is now on a mission to avenge her death. Henry also gleams that the killer is obsessed with scars so perhaps something happened to him that left him scarred.

Before they part ways, “Weaver”/Rumple and Henry have a chat about Henry’s decision to leave town. “Weaver” believes that Henry is trying to convince himself to go for this job opportunity, but that it isn’t what he really wants to do. They then discuss Henry’s book. “Weaver” says his favorite character in the book was Young-Henry and that Young-Henry always chose the right path. He hopes this Henry will do the same.

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Henry Makes a Decision

As he is heading out of town, Henry’s car gets a flat. Henry finds a piece of glass slipper embedded in the tire because fate clearly wants Henry to stick around. Just then, Nick pulls up and finds Henry attempting to fix his tire. Nick tells Henry to forget about the car because he can just give him a ride to the airport. Henry takes Nick up on the offer of a ride, but says that instead of going to the airport, he wants Nick to take him to Jacinda’s place. Henry sees the glass slipper as a sign that he needs to start believing in himself and the first step is to tell Jacinda how he feels about her.

As Nick is supposedly driving him to see Jacinda, Henry starts telling Nick about his work with the detectives and what they discovered about the case. After revealing his knowledge of the case, Henry spots some nasty scars on Nick’s arm. Henry finally realizes that Nick is not who he appears to be, but when he tries to get out of the car, Nick injects him with something to knock him out.

Across town, Lucy returns home and encourages her mom to work things out with Henry. Jacinda tells Lucy that Henry might be leaving town, but Lucy says they cannot let that happen. She tells Jacinda to call Henry and Jacinda finally does.

Alas, Henry is in no position to answer Jacinda’s call because he is being held hostage by Nick/Jack/Hansel. When Henry comes to, he tries to convince Hansel that it’s not too late to turn himself in to the police. Sadly, Hansel tells Henry that he cannot turn himself in because he’s not done killing yet.

Tilly Helps Margot

While Margot (aka Robin) works at the bar, Lucy is helping Zelena mix up a potion that will cure Henry and allow them to break the curse without harming him. Alas, they need one more ingredient, and Regina is out looking for it. Lucy and Zelena end up bonding over how hard it is to keep secrets from their loved ones since Margot and Jacinda still aren’t awake. They are both desperate to break the curse so they can stop lying to their loved ones.

After Lucy leaves, Margot questions “Kelly”/Zelena about what’s going on with her. Margot came back to town because “Kelly” asked her to, but now she’s keeping secrets. Margot says the reason she left in the first place is because they were never able to communicate. She gives her mother the chance to tell her what’s going on, but “Kelly”/Zelena can’t.

Early in the episode, Rogers tells “Weaver” that he got Tilly (aka Alice) a job because she’s eating him out of house and home. This job turns out to be at Sabine’s food truck. Alas, Tilly isn’t such a great cook, but Sabine decides to put her on sales.

While Tilly is selling out of the food truck, she runs into Margot. Tilly thanks Margot for saving her life and giving her good advice that helped her decide to stay in town. Margot then opens up to Tilly about her problems with her mother. Tilly says she feels bad for both of them. Tilly thinks if Margot’s mother has to keep things from Margot, it must be hurting her even more than it’s hurting Margot. Tilly then gives Margot a free sample that just so happens to be shaped as a heart because fate is clearly in favor of this romance. (Have I mentioned how adorable these two are together?)

Rogers stops by the food truck to pick Tilly up after her first day at work and Sabine tells him that Tilly is a natural saleswoman. On their way home, Tilly tells Rogers about the special girl she met and how Margot really saw her for who she is.

As the episode comes to an end, Margot returns to the bar. Thanks to her talk with Tilly, she apologies to “Kelly”/Zelena for how she reacted earlier. Margot might not understand what’s going on with her mom, but she didn’t mean to make it worse. “Kelly”/Zelena then opens up about how she does miss her life in San Francisco and her fiancee. Margot gets all excited by her mother’s admission because someone just dropped off a box of heart-shaped chocolates with Kelly’s name on it. Margot thinks said chocolates are from Kelly’s fiancee, but Zelena knows they are from the killer. This means that Zelena is Hansel’s next target.

What did you think of this episode of Once Upon a Time season 7? Will Henry’s loved ones be able to rescue him from Hansel, or will Henry find a way to save himself? Now that “Nick”/Hansel is targeting Zelena, will the heroes decide to use her as bait to lure him out so they can capture him? Will the characters still under the curse wake up on their own, or will it take breaking the curse to finally get them to remember who they really are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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